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Monday, March 14, 2011

Drab Coming to Life

I believe this is supposed to be used in the bathroom
to hold your rolls of TP.
But, I placed it outside in my flower garden a few years ago.
I let the critters use it for whatever they wish.

Have you been outside lately?
Seems like life is coming back to the country.

I didn't even know I had daffodils. The first one of spring shows off for me.

The Naked Ladies have sprouted at the corner of the house,  
their leaves bright green in the cool spring air.

Poppies are everywhere, their leaves fuzzy to the touch. 
I try to get rid of them but they keep coming back. 

The blackberry vines will continue to be drab for a while. 
I've been trimming and cutting out old vines today. I must have missed
 a few last fall. Charley and Andrew have been pounding
metal T-posts in the ground and attaching them to the wooden posts.
They were decaying and rotting in the ground, making them very wobbly.

This summer, hopefully, they will reward us for all our hard labor.

Berries, anyone?


Want some blackberry recipes? Go here and here to see a few I have posted.


  1. I love the TP holder. What a beautiful, old thing to have in the yard. The birds probably build in it. The flowers are beautiful. My Jonquils are blooming and the crocus are out. Soon tulips will bloom. I love this time of year when everything comes to life. It's so refreshing and uplifting. Thanks for your wonderful post. I look forward to them. Susie

  2. We are getting signs of spring around here in KY. So glad to see it!

  3. The TP holder looks great in the garden! I love seeing all of your outdoor pics. I TOTALLY need to do something with our outdoor space. I mean, it's small-but it's ours!

  4. "Easter flowers" we called daffodils when I was growing up. I still do when talking to most older folks. Peonies we called "pineys." Just colloquialisms, I suppose.

  5. Oh those blackberries! What a slice of summer you're tempting us with ... There are lots of local farmstands near our house, so we have a good supply in the summer. If I lived near you, though, you'd be my best friend with a crop like that. I'd trade you some native tomatoes for some of those berries :)

  6. Wow, those blackberries look heavenly! What a wonderful harvest you had. My aunt used to make blackberry cobler, I can close my eyes and still taste it, warm with vanilla icecream! You have a lovely garden. Many of the flowering trees have begun to bud in our area. Last year in March, we had so much rain and flooding that we missed out on this beautiful and delicate, "almost Spring" time. I have been enjoying it this year very much. Have a nice evening Janet and thank you for the pictures! Delisa :)

  7. The outhouse is cute and that is funny that you are letting the critters use it!
    Still too much snow on the ground..

  8. Cute outhouse decor - but over here, I'd be afraid the mice would take it over, and goodness - we don't need more of those! We still have tons of snow, so I enjoyed the pictures of "green" you posted today! Have a great day!

  9. Hubby's aunt and mom make THE best blackberry cobbler ever. I love spring :)

  10. everything is greening up here too : )

  11. Love that little critter hideaway! Great idea!!
    I also like the blackberry vine idea. I'll have to show it to my in-laws.

  12. I want some of your berries! I want to try Pioneer Woman's blackberry cobbler recipe. When do the blackberries come on?


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