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Saturday, February 5, 2011

'WHOP' Donuts

I bet you're wondering what 'WHOP' Donuts are.

They are the donuts you make with canned biscuits. You know. . .  the biscuits you 'whop' on the side of the counter top to open.

Mom made these when we were kids.

You can top them with a cinnamon sugar mixture,  confectioners sugar or a glaze.

Mix one cup of confectioners sugar, 1 tsp vanilla and 3 T of milk to make the glaze.

Next, put oil in the skillet. You can use a small skillet, that way you don't have to use so much oil. The oil only needs to be an inch or less deep in the skillet.

Whop your can of biscuits to open it up and put them down on a flat surface. I flattened mine out a little with a rolling pin. Take the middle out of your biscuit cutter and punch out a hole in the middle of the biscuit. If you don't have one of these, you can use a bottle cap or anything else you have that is the size of a donut hole.

Put them in the hot oil. Be careful and be quick! They only take what seems like a few seconds to turn golden brown underneath. Quickly flip them over with a fork or tongs and let them turn golden brown on the other side. Take them out of the skillet.

Do this with the holes and the donuts.

Now comes the fun  part. Use your imagination and top them with whatever you have a taste for. You can dip them in the glaze or sprinkle both sides with a cinnamon/sugar mixture or confectioners sugar.

I must admit, I like the cinnamon/sugar and confectioners sugar topping the best.

Aren't they pretty? Eat and enjoy!


  1. Not nice Janet to display something that looks so yummy when I don't have anything in the house to make them. Wonder if real biscuits would work as well. I make them and never have the canned on hand unless I'm using them in a recipe. These look delicious. Now I'm hankering for a donut. How far is it to your house.
    Blessings. Thanks for the recipe. B

  2. No way, Janet!!!
    You are the ONLY other person I know who makes donuts from canned biscuits. We did it when the kids were little. Then kinda forgot about it for some years. We just made 'em Christmas week. They are so easy. So awesome!
    And the name "Whop biscuits?" That's just ha-larious!!!

  3. Those look yummy! Rats! I don't have a can of biscuits to whop to make them! My 6 yr old son doesn't like the "refrigerator" biscuits! lol So I don't buy them. Which brand did you use? They look so good! I want some!

    Have a Great Weekend!

  4. I don't usually have refrigerator biscuits on hand, either. I mainly bought these because my husband had been wanting some of these donuts made. Angela, I bought a 4 pak of the Pillsbury biscuits. I guess any brand would do, but don't buy the flaky ones. Barb, I don't know if you could make these with regular home made biscuits or not.

  5. Oh goodness - - - WHOP donuts!!! Very funny. I've heard of making these before, but never by THIS name.

  6. yummy! How simple is that, so simple one could have them ALL the time, LOL!!!!

  7. Janet,
    Those do look good! I'm pretty sure I should make those. Thanks for the receipe.
    Nancy Jo

  8. Yum! I had a friend who used to make them all the time : )

  9. One of these would make a perfect dessert for the dinner I just had ... If only you could send one through a usb cable :)

  10. Wow did you take me back to some good memories with this post. My mom use to do these too and I had forgotten how good they were until I found your post tonight


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