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Monday, February 14, 2011

Bald Eagles!

Saturday we went down to the Nature Center on the park and talked to Naturalist, Jim Philips. We have known Jim since the late 1970s, when we started visiting the park. He was talking about the bald eagles down at the Bluestone Dam area.

Well, we just had to go see for ourselves! We weren't disappointed. I just wish we had a camera with a bigger zoom lens on it.

The sun shone bright, but the cold wind just about did us in. We went down to the shore line of the water and the wind was something fierce. But, it didn't keep us from staying and watching for the eagles.

It didn't take long before I saw one swoop down on the water and grab a fish with his talons. This picture shows you how far away we were. Click on the picture to enlarge it and you can see the eagle a lot better. Our camera has a 200 mm zoom  lens on it.

Here is a close up of him flying away with the fish in his talons. Looks like he's looking down at the fish to check out his meal. Click to enlarge it and you will get a real good look at him. Isn't the blue water pretty?

Here he is again. Up, up and away.

These bald eagles were juveniles. They do not get their characteristic white head and tail until they are around 4 to 5 years old.

We were so excited. We took many pictures of them soaring through the air. This is the first time I ever got the chance to take pictures of bald eagles. We also drove down the road to the dam where I was able to take pictures of a couple more eagles. There favorite food is fish and there is a large supply of those in the lake behind the Bluestone Dam.

If you ever go to the Bluestone Dam, look for the bald eagles. You will not be disappointed!

I took my camera  back to the Nature Center and showed Jim the pictures. He confirmed that they were indeed bald eagles. While we were there, I captured this cute little critter with my camera.

Isn't he just the cutest thing you ever laid your eyes on? I think if his cheeks were any fuller they would burst!

Hope you enjoyed looking at the bald eagles as much as I did.
Have you ever had the excitement of seeing eagles in the wild?


  1. Those are some great pictures Janet! Glad you got to see them! I know now where we will have to go when it warms up a little more. It's been a few years since we've been there. That chipmunk sure does look like he is going to bust! lol

    ¸.*´¸.**´¨) ¸.**´¨)
    (¸.*´ (¸.*´* Happy Valentine's Day *


  2. I live on a small lake in nw Arkansas & we have bald eagles overwinter here. I can see them out my kitchen window in the mornings perched in my back yard. They are so awesome up close. We've had as many as 20 perched along our bank on very cold days but most days it's only one to three or so.

    I'm originally from WV & never saw one in the wild before I came here. I'm very excited to hear you have them there now. I'm letting my WV friends know they can see them too!

  3. Wow, Jenny you are lucky. We have geese and I've seen lots of hawks and turkey buzzards (they sure are ugly), but I haven't been lucky enough to see eagles out my window yet, that's why I was so excited to see them at the Bluestone Dam. Happy Valentine's Day to you,too, Angela.

  4. This is one of Fisherhubby's FAVORITE things to see when he's fishing.

    Little Mr. Chipmunk better watch out or he may become Mr. Eagle's next snack!

  5. How lucky you were to see these eagles, Janet! They are magnificent creatures. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  6. Those moments must have been very special, to be in the company of such majestic creatures. Thanks for sharing with us. And Chippy there on the bottom is pretty cute, too :)

  7. The eagles are wonderful Janet and I know it must have been thrilling despite the cold wind. I adore chipmunks but they sure can move fast.

  8. Thanks Janet for sharing these great photos. I have been to
    Bluestone Dam many, many times. Back in the 50's I was a teenager, and my boyfriend took me there bunches of times. I have been a few times since with my grown daughter and Grandaughter. I used to really love going to Pipstem and Bluestone. Nowdays I am old and crippled with "ole man arthur" and can't get around very well. Seeing your photos bring back memories. I also have photos that we took at bluestone Dam back in the 50's. I would dress up to go there, high heels and all. Dressing up to go out was the norm back then. Hungry Mother Park was another favorite hangout, even after the children came along. love your Blog.

  9. Janet, this is Shirley Shelley.I wrote the comment above that is signed Jade322. This method of leaving a comment is new to me and I didn't know what I was doing. I still don't My email is

  10. I would love to see this. We have a bald eagle spotted close to our farm in central KY. Didn't believe until a friend told me about it.

  11. Beautiful pictures! When I taught preschool I took my class to the library to see a bird exhibit. The trainer was holding a huge owl on her arm. It was really cool but the whole time I was thinking she better know what she's doing because I was worried it would claw someone's eyes out LOL!!!

  12. Fascinating-and great pics too!

  13. Beautiful!! I've never seen one, but would love to. And you know I would be trying for that perfect shot. LOL
    I love chipmunks. They are adorable!!


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