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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Traveling West Virginia - Cathedral Falls

You can't drive the Midland Trail without stopping and taking snapshots of Cathedral Falls. I have heard that the locals sometimes call it "The Washing Machine."

Charley worded it a different way, he said "we're taking pictures of the hard water in Fayette County."

Before we reached the falls, I took a picture of the Three Crosses out in the middle of the river. Last year, I posted here about these crosses. Every time I see them, I take a picture.

The falls are beautiful whether you see them in the summer or in the winter. I have taken many pictures of them during the summer, however this is the first time I have taken a picture of them in the winter.

We had to hop scotch across the ice and rocks to get close to the falls. It's not often Charley moves this fast, so I just had to take a picture.

Aren't they beautiful?

I also took a few close ups. . .

A parting shot. . .

Now you know why we took the scenic route. More pictures later.


  1. I enjoyed visiting your site, Janet. Waterfalls are one of my favorite things and these are awesome photos! I also enjoyed your donut recipe. I'll have to try that some time. Thanks for linking to my author site. I hope the market list is a helpful resource to your visitors.

    Best wishes on your writing and subbing! Ev

  2. I think the scenic route is always worth it, for so many reasons. It's nice to just slow down and "be" in the moment. The waterfalls are beautiful. I've never heard of the 3-crosses, and enjoyed your post on them. It's amazing how one person's efforts can have such a far-reaching effect.

  3. Love it Janet! I have a few pictures I took back in January that I haven't posted yet. I should. The falls are so beautiful when they are frozen. We almost went today but decided to stay home to let the kids play outside in this heat wave we are having! lol

  4. I LOVE that frozen waterfall! Beautiful pictures.

  5. Where exactly is Cathedral Falls? I know where Gauley River is and we pass a falls as we head toward Hawks Nest but I recall it as being a low falls.
    Can't figure this one out.
    Outstanding photos. Thanks for taking us on this trip too.
    Great shot of Charley.
    We needed you in one of the shots.
    BLessings, Barb

  6. Hi Everyone, thanks for your comments. Barb, I know which falls you are talking about, they go all the way across the river. Cathedral Falls is on the left, falling over the mountain side. They are not in the river. There is a parking area, a few picnic tables and such. If you are looking the other direction, you could miss them. I am in some of the pictures, I just didn't post those.

  7. Really beautiful. A place in WV that I haven't been to, but need to go.

  8. I have never seen Cathedral Falls in winter, Janet--beautiful. Thanks for the trip!


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