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Friday, November 5, 2010

Surprise Watermelon Update

Remember our surprise watermelon I posted about in September?

It was the one that came to life from spitting seeds off the front porch.
It grew and grew and became a large watermelon.
We cut it off a few days ago.

We held our breath as my husband cut into it. Would it be any good?

What do your think?

Not bad . Not bad at all.


  1. My mom used to call plants we didn't actually plant - volunteers. Did you ever hear that?
    How fun to have a watermelon you didn't expect.

  2. Yes, Barbara, we called them volunteers, too. We always have volunteer tomato plants every year.

  3. What a fun thing, Janet!!! Just like a treasure hunt you hadn't planned!

  4. I really didn't think it would get mature,but it sure did..and we call them volunteers to

  5. Janet, my absolutely favorite fruit to eat--watermelon. This one looks wonderful, so red and looks like great texture. Was it sweet?

  6. That looks delicious!!
    Not too bad for a volunteer.

  7. We always have so many volunteer cherry tomato plants that it drives me crazy! Nice watermelon and it looks delish!

  8. Awesome! It turned out really well. We had a few volunteer gords near our porch this year.

  9. looks so yummy! My volunteer watermelon was better than any of the ones I grew on purpose-and a whole lot easier too : )

  10. A perfect watermelon. This reminds me of my Mom's last summer. She watched 2 volunteer watermelon's grow all summer. Everytime I went to her house, we checked their progress. She cut one and we shared it on the back porch on one visit. This is one of my favorite last memories of her. I think of her sometimes, maybe walking through her garden in heaven, it brought her such great joy!


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