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Monday, November 15, 2010


I love books! All kinds of books. Even though my children are not small any more, I have lots of children's books. I write children's stories, so I like to read what I write.

I buy books at yard sales, thrift stores and bargain bins. Our local grocery store, Krogers, has a nice book section and I love to browse through it. They have a bin now that is filled with books that are 75% off.! So I have to look through them when I'm there.

The Frame Your Memories book was taken from the Kroger discount bin 
and I paid less than $2 for it. I love to craft and it is full of good ideas.
The Heavenly Handmade BAGS and Martha Stewart Book were from the thrift store for 25 cents!

Venola the Vegetarian was from a thrift store. 
It is autographed and by a West Virginia author. Yea, for WV authors!
Snail's Good Night was a cute kid's book for $1 from the Kroger's discount bin.

 I love historical fiction and Defending Hillsborough (even though it is an older book written in the late 90s) was a very good read and it was also signed by the author. American Lives is a college textbook.  
It is filled with 20 biographies of different people in American history.
These were also thrift store finds for only 25 cents each.

These are some of the latest additions to my collection of books. Do you like books?


  1. I find the best books at all these places, too! :)

  2. I love books as well. I am always scouring stores, Goodwill locations, etc... I am not sure I could convert to using a Kindle. I love the feel and texture of holding a book in my hands.

  3. Oh boy. I spent all last night reorganizing in my study to make room for more books. They are everywhere in my house and it's a constant in-out process--additions come in, then I have to decide what goes out. Since I mainly collect vintage or rare books, or older books about West Virginia and the Appalachian region, it gets harder and harder to decide what to keep and what to send on to a new home.

  4. Love books. My husband is the best book finder though. He comes home with free or almost free older books quite often. He gets many at the local college. Great finds :)

  5. I'll have to check my local Kroger's. I usually find good buys at the local Friends of the Library bookstore, at Goodwill & thrift shops. I, too, love children's books.

  6. Oh I love books-I think me and you both should have been librarians : )


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