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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Old Homesteads

Don't you just love driving through the country and seeing old homesteads dotting the landscape. We went for a drive way out in the country the other day and stopped by this old homestead.

The house had been added onto many times.
The last little addition attached to the back
was a bathroom.

It looks as though birds were the last residents of the bathroom.
I took a picture of this bird nest in the medicine cabinet.

The main part of the house was made of hand hewn logs.
I'm thinking this was once an opening to the upstairs.

I took a peek of the upstairs wall.

There is an old barn type building outside that is covered with these berries.

Here is a close up. I'm not familiar with these.
They are beautiful, who can tell me what they are.

A very stout ladder led to the upper level of the barn.

And I thought this was a very ingenious way to hang items.
Forked sticks were nailed against the wall.

Here is another ladder on the outside of the old barn.

Isn't this a beautiful view from the yard.

In case you are wondering, we weren't trespassing. We know the people who own this place.

I love the large logs and the craftsmanship of these places. As I walked about the buildings, I wondered what life was like for the people who lived here long ago.


  1. Janet, it is such a beautiful view. I love old homesteads and old barns. So interesting and "if walls could talk" what on earth would they tell us. That barn looks really neat and I am sure it's got tales of it's own :)

  2. It's lovely, Janet. Those old places are so touching and bittersweet, to think of the lives that passed in them, the busy and hardworking people who slept in that loft and cooked in the kitchen. Where are they now, I wonder? All passed on?

    The logs look like they are in beautiful condition. Are your friends going to preserve the house or do something to protect the logs? They are a true treasure and it would be really sad if they were to ruin due to lack of care. These old log buildings are getting more and more scarce.

  3. I love old homes, too. I like to imagine what it was like for the people who lived there. It's fascinating what stories they could tell.

  4. I love driving around our county and photographing places just like this. Such history in these homes...and the tales they could tell!

  5. This is a favorite hobby of ours, too. Last year, we stopped at an old cemetery to look at the grave stones and noticed an old 'house' across the road. It had been so grown up during the summer that we hadn't seen it~like you, we know the owners of this property. We walked across and as we got up to it, realized that it was an old church. I've since done some research on it.

  6. I love poking around old places like this and letting my imagination run wild.

  7. Makes me wish I was there to see it with you : )


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