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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yard Sale Relapse

Help! I was going to stop going to yard sales, but I've had a relapse.

Somebody should have slapped my hand before I picked up these 4 beautiful strawberry metal trays for $1 and the McCoy strawberry pitcher and container. (I'm not even sure what the one on the left is, it looks like a canister without the lid. But not knowing what it was, didn't keep me from getting it) They were only 50 cents each, would you have passed them up?

My kitchen is red and yellow, I thought I could use the one on the left to put my larger spoons, egg turners and the such in. And I'm sure I could find a use for the other one, too. Maybe put flowers in it. . . what do you think? Or, hey, I could use it for what it was intended to be used for and put some water or other beverage in it.

And, even though there are no babies in my family, I couldn't pass up this beautiful hand quilted and embroidered baby quilt. It was only $2 and I love it. Did you notice in the upper left hand corner the dog is turned a different way? I've heard somewhere that the Amish would put a mistake in their quilt on purpose. I wonder if this was done on purpose or if it was a mistake?

I love cloth tablecloths. This is not an old one, but I liked the fruit pattern on it. It was only 75 cents.

And, last but not least, I got these for a quarter at the thrift store today. Fire King custard cups with a wheat pattern on them. I love the wheat pattern dishes. I will put these in my kitchen cabinet and use them.

Well, what do you think? Do I need to go to rehab? I put back a lot more than I bought. I think I did good and bought some useful items for what little I spent.

It is a hard habit to break, but I'm working on it.


  1. Don't feel bad...I can't resist a bargain either. Looks like you got some really good ones. I love that little baby quilt and the tablecloth.

  2. I love the treasures you found! Rehab... nonsense!! One man's junk is another man's treasure... and how are you going to find that treasure unless you stay out there looking?

  3. We can go to "rehab" together!!!
    Of course you had to pick up those goodies at those great prices!!!
    Tomorrow is garage sale day...don't think I can resist!!!
    Deb :)

  4. I think you made a hit! I love your yard sale finds. Gerry

  5. I say go for it! If you enjoy it, why shouldn't you do continue, as long as you can use the items. I think it is fun just to look. You know I always envied you being able to go to so many good yard sales. The strawberry things are really pretty, but I would have no use for them, nor would I use the table cloth, but you like them and will use them, big deal. Love ya, little sis.

  6. I LOVE all your finds. We can put our wheat patterned cups together and have a pudding party! I love them.
    And the strawberry items - perfect.
    The baby quilt - priceless.
    You did good.
    We have another thing in common- sales. Love them.

  7. OMG you should continue on in your yard and thrift stores run there are always treasure to find


  8. I think you made some really great buys! My favorite yard sale buy of all time is a very large baby quilt that was so worn some of the fabrics were shredded. But it had been washed so many times that the fabric was as soft as butter and I love to cover up my feet and legs with it in the truck when Jerry gets it way too cold! blessings, marlene

  9. I'm an addict too. I cleaned out all sorts of stuff this winter, and what am I doing? Finding more stuff! I admit to being more circumspect in my buying these days, though. Just no place to put it all.

    Not a big fan of the wheat pattern but I think you got a good deal on those. That's another thing I've changed--just because I know something is worth a lot more than the price, I only buy it if I like it and need it. No more "that's a great deal now what do I do with it when I get it home" stuff for me. Just no space to store it. So I leave those good deals for someone else to find.

  10. You always find the best stuff!! I love the little quilt who could have left it for that price!

  11. Those are such wonderful treasures. I love Fire King and that strawberry tray, and the tablecloth! I never find stuff like this!

  12. Beautiful strawberry items. I have a set of strawberry glasses that I bought just because they were pretty. I never get around to using half the things I pick up. I am addicted, I do believe. I go to goodwill every chance I get, being it is only about 5 min. away. I got a nice picture for my living room last wk. It still had the original price tag on it $99.99and I got it for $3.99. Now that was a deal. I am trying to be more selective these days and I leave behind a lot of items that I know I will never use even if do find them attractive.

  13. You found a great yard sale! I love everything you bought. You can always find uses for any containers and that quilt is just adorable!

    It's been a while since I've found any 'treasures'. I did find an old chippy enamel green bowl and chippy white and red pot that I love.

  14. Call me an enabler---but NO you don't need rehab! I love the stuff you found. Especially the baby blanket. The strawberry stuff is cute too.

  15. no, I think you got some great deals. Love the strawberry's!


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