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Friday, June 18, 2010

Traveling West Virginia - Pt Pleasant

A few weeks ago we went to Pt. Pleasant for business and ended up sight seeing.

It's a beautiful little town to visit. Find you a place to park and take a little stroll.

You will find Mothman!

Chief Cornstalk and Gen. Andrew Lewis.

Don't forget to visit the southside of the flood wall. There is a painted mural 150' long and 15-18' high. The scenes depict the Battle of Pt. Pleasant fought on October 10, 1774.

the Silver Bridge collapsed here on December 15, 1967.

We went to Tu-Endie-Wei State Park. It is only 4 acres in size.

There is a Mansion House Museum in the park. It is the oldest log hewn structure in the Kanawha Valley.

This obelisk was erected in honor of the Battle of Pt. Pleasant. It was the first battle of the American Revolution.

Here is a plaque on the side of the obelisk. It is in memory of Revolutionary soldiers buried in Mason County, WV. See any of your ancestors listed here?

And this was erected in honor of Chief Cornstalk. His remains are buried inside.

Here is the story of the famous chief.

For more of the sad story of Chief Cornstalk go here.

Pt. Pleasant is located on the Ohio River. It is a quaint little town. If you are ever in the area, slow down and visit for a while. You won't be sorry.

I love barns. On the way there I took a picture of this one:


  1. What a beautiful place! I love to visit historical areas. I really like the murals. And of course, being a country gal, I love the barns!!!

  2. Funny you should post such a place!! :-) I've been following you for a short time now and when I signed in and saw the mothman I was surprised.... simply because this is 10 minutes from my parents home and where I grew up. It was so neat to come along and see "home" on your blog! Thanks for visiting! I hope you were able to go in the little building there at Tu Endie Wei. It is pretty cool.

    The whole mothman thing is funny. There was a guy that lived nearby and he installed these red lights way up on top of his silo and at different times he would turn them on briefly to try to make people think it was the mothman.

    I don't know where your part of WV is though so I may have to look it up and see how far you are from us (meaning my parents now since I am now living in TN).

    Anyway, it's fun to see home on your blog here. :-)


  3. Nice day trip. I didn't see any of my ancestors on that list, but we do have many barns (with quilt signs) around our way.

  4. How Beautiful

    Sometimes I long for a different area that is rich in history at least some area with cooler weather during the summer lol. Beautiful Photos I truly enjoy your blog


  5. We do have a beautiful state, don't we!!! Love the Mothman photo, we have one taken when my daddy was 83 with our little Caleb who was 6 at the time on his shoulders in front of the statue. It looks like the mothman is getting ready to grab Caleb by the head. Daddy is now 88 and he and Caleb still laugh at that picture.
    I enjoyed reading about all of the state historic sites, we will have to plan some day trips of our own.

  6. Sounds like you had an enjoyable day...and it appears that Charlie is enjoying his retirement. I love going to places I've never been before...wish I had someone to do that with....then maybe my retirement wouldn't be so boring and depressing.

  7. Looks like it turned into a great trip! Mothman-wow we have a friend who is always trying to scare the girls about Mothman ; )

  8. I love your pics! I wish I could attach pics to comments...I would love for you to see a pic my friend took.
    She put a *bra* on mothman and stood with him for a picture! Hilarious!

  9. Such an intersting place. I don't think I've ever been there though.
    Love those barns.

  10. Hey Janet!

    I just got back from our vacation at Canaan Valley. Had a wonderful time. Weather was perfect! 72 degrees!

    I have a blogging friend who has seen a documentary on the Moth Man back in February. She wants me to go there and takes pictures and post them. I was just thinking about that the other day. After looking at your post I'll have to try to get there this Summer as it looks like a lovely place to visit for the day. I'm sure my kids would enjoy it.

  11. Have you seen the blog about the quilt barns? Yup a whole blog filled with pictures of quilts on barns. I will have to try to remember what the name of the blog is... this picture should be in it.


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