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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pitting Cherries

It's cherry pickin' time at my. . .

neighbor's cherry tree.

Everyone who hates pitting cherries, raise your hands.

I used to hate doing it. It was time consuming and I hated the juice running down my arms. And I hated getting all sticky.

Last year my sweet neighbor, Reba, told me an easy way to pit cherries.

Use a hairpin!

Reba gave me a few hairpins last year to use, but for the life of me I can not find them, so I had to buy a new package at the store. They don't make them like they used to, they aren't as strong as the ones I used last year and they bend easier. So if you have the flimsy ones, you can hold two of them together and it works fine.

Just insert the rounded end of the hair pin into the top of the cherry.

Twist just a little and pull it out, the pit comes out easy as pie.
Cherry Pie, that is!

If you have lots of cherries, give it a try.
You can make cherry jam, cherry cobblers and cherry pies.
Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!


  1. YUM! and what a great tip, I love cherries:)

  2. I love cherries. For my birthday, I asked for a fresh cherry pie instead of a cake. Wow, it is good, I do believe this custom should catch on.

    Wished I heard of the hairpin tip before I pitted all those cherries the old fashioned way.

  3. Cherry Pie is my favorite pie of all! And what a neat idea to use the hairpin. I'll have to try it.

  4. My son loves cherry pies, too. A late happy birthday to you, Matthew!

  5. Hey Janet!

    What a neat idea to use a hairpin like that!

    Aw, you just reminded me that our farm had a cherry tree that we had to cut down because it was where we needed to build our house.... Sigh..... I loved watching all of the birds and squirrels running up and down that tree when I tried to get a few to eat! It was like it was their tree and not mine at all. They didn't care that I was standing there! lol

  6. What a neat trick with the hair pin, or as we used to call them...bobby pin. I just let the birds and squirrels eat my cherries.

  7. Well, who knew??? We inherited a cherry tree (bought it) with our current home. Last year I did a post asking if anyone knew how to pit them. I just squeezed them and let the pit pop out the side. the cherries weren't very pretty anymore, but they still tasted good. I picked a bowl last week and made a cobbler. I actually have a blog post coming soon about it. :o)

  8. Great looking cherries and what a great tip.

  9. Janet,
    I'm finally back! Getting the DSL was the best investment I've ever made. No more wondering when I'll be able to post, and no more waiting for hours to do a post.

    I've caught up on all your doings and must say I ADORE your header and all the pictures of you and the family. The birds were cute too. But you know my very favorites were the pictures of your trees in the snow. I love snow pictures. :) xxoo

  10. WOW... I learn something new every day! A hair pin of all things! Thanks for sharing!!

  11. Wish I had a cherry tree. I LOVE cherry pie. If I ever get some fresh cherries I'll be sure to remember this trick. Thank you!


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