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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Milk Glass Collection

For show and tell Friday hosted by Kelli at There's no Place Like Home, I decided to show pictures of some of my milk glass. Go to Kelli's place and see what everyone else is posting for Show and Tell Friday.

Milk glass has been around for a long time. But I'm sure we are more familiar with the milk glass of the 20th century. Some of the many makers of it are Westmoreland, Indiana Glass, Anchor Hocking, Federal Glass, Hazel Atlas, Fostoria, and of course my favorite is Fenton. These companies produced hundreds of thousands of pieces and sold them in bulk in the five and dime stores that were in every small town and village across America.

You could obtain milk glass by saving S & H Greenstamps, which is probably how a lot of our families obtained their pieces. Milk glass was very popular in the 50s and 60s.

I really don't collect milk glass. When I see pieces at yard sales and thrift stores, if I like it, I'll buy it. I have also bought new Fenton milk glass.

On top of my fridge.

In the back is a large Fenton hobnail bowl, in front of it is a Fenton hobnail candle bowl and two made in Japan salt and pepper shakers.
I got all of these at yard sales.

In the back is my punch bowl (I believe it is made by Anchor Hocking), two small vases, a Fenton hobnail sugar and creamer, and a tall candy dish on the left. Does anyone know who made the candy dish? I really like it, but don't know anything about it. All of these items were also obtained at yard sales.

My pedestal cake plate is on the left, a small hobnail vase beside of it, two duplicate covered candy dishes to the right of them (these are the candy dishes I remember from my childhood, everyone seemed to have one. I think they were made by Anchor Hocking) and behind the punch bowl are two tall vases.

Here is a Fenton Silver Crest candy dish, salt and pepper shakers and toothpick holder. All were obtained at yard sales.

A hobnail vase filled with flowers.

My corner bedroom shelf with a Fenton cardinal bell, a Christmas Fenton candle holder, and a Fenton top hat. (I have 2 of these top hats, at yard sale prices I can't pass them up) I love the bell and it only cost me $5.

My Fenton hobnail lamp (we purchased for our anniversary last year - I love it!) small Fenton hobnail vase, Fenton hobnail candle holder (molded inside to hold fat candles or tapers) and Fenton hobnail nut dish.
All but the lamp were found at yard sales. Too bad I couldn't find the lamp at a yard sale.

My cute Fenton St. Patrick's Day angel.

As you can see, I have quite a few milk glass pieces. Most were obtained at yard sales. Milk glass is plentiful in our area and is usually easy to find at yard sales and thrift stores. You can start your collection without putting out too much money.

They are so pretty!
White goes with anything!
They are easy to find and at a small price!
So go ahead and start your own collection!


  1. Love the Fenton Milk glass. My late mother had a lot of Fenton which her grandchildren have now.

  2. Oh! You have such a nice variety. I really love the hobnail style lamp.

  3. When I see Milk glass - I think of my momm. She loved it. It is so Americana looking to me. You have a great collection.

  4. What a great collection you have! I love that lamp!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Love, Ann

  5. I see alot of pieces you have that are so familiar,my mom has a wonderful collection of milk glass.You have a very wonderful collection to.

  6. I've always loved milk glass. You have some pretty pieces - love the cake stand!

  7. So so pretty!!! I especially like the shamrocks since I'm of Irish heritage, but I too love the Americana decor beside and around your displaying them.

    My show n tell is finally posted. It's not much this week, but it's something. LOL

  8. You have some very pretty milk glass items. my Mom loved this stuff. And I have a few pieces of my own.

  9. Well I don't think I have a piece of milk glass,but you know me I get rid of everything. Nice Post.

  10. Those bring back memories. I used to have a collection my self. (several houses back) Very pretty.

  11. What an awesome Milk Glass collection.

  12. I love hobnail and milk glass and a wonderful collection you have... I an envious!
    Have a Blessed Day,
    Just A Gal...

  13. I hate to correct you, but you ARE a collector of milk glass! They say that three pieces make a collection, and you have a lovely collection. Thanks for sharing. Happy Show and Tell Day.

  14. What a great collection!! I never knew what the glass was called. My grandmother has several pieces of her own. I have a few of the vases for flowers.

  15. I looked online for that candy dish Janet, but I didn't find anything like it. It's unusual, I think. There is a Milk Glass society I found that has annual conventions--who knew? I also found your rooster stove set listed for 64.00. I don't know what you gave for it, but I think you got a deal.

    Nice collection. I used to collect it too but now have only a few pieces. your things are so pretty.

  16. Thanks for searching, Susanne. I've looked for the tall candy dish, too, and couldn't find one like it anywhere. I'm trying to remember where I got it. I'm not sure, but I may have paid $1 for it. I'm sure I never paid more than 25 or 50 cents each for the salt and pepper and tooth pick holder.

  17. Great collection! I will try to research the tall covered candy dish for you, I want to say it is like L.E.Smith Co. or someone but I will research.
    I am a big Milk Glass collector and have been a member of the National Milk Glass Collectors Society.
    Stop by my blog anytime.
    Nice to meet a fellow collector.

  18. Hi - I have only recently discovered what Milk glass is (and Depression Glass too thanks to the lovely Heidi Pocketbook) Your collection is beautiful! Greetings from Northern Ireland!


  19. You have a beautiful collection...the white milk glass always looks so fresh and serene when displayed together in groups. I love Fenton too. :-)

  20. I love milk reminds me of my mother ;o). Love the lamp!


  21. All the pieces you have are so pretty!

    I especially like the lamp and the little bowls:)

    Linda C

  22. I loved these pictures of milkglass! It brings back a few memories (like the pictures of your Christmas picture books did). My mother had 2 milkglass vases. My aunts and grandmothers had a lot more. That lamp is gorgeous! I want it (ha-ha)!

  23. Janet, how can you say you don't collect milk glass!! You have a lot and they are all nice. I only have a few and I don't collect it.
    Nice post!

  24. How beautiful! Thank you for sharing all your pretties today:)

  25. What a terrific collection!
    My Mom has some and I think it's a pretty glass I just never collected it for myself.

  26. I like the serene feeling your collection gives off. My favorite is the angel with the shamrocks. P.S. the music on your blog is pretty nifty too. ;)

  27. I just love your Milk Glass collection---I want to start one of my own now--so very pretty!


  28. I have a few milk glass pieces-but nothing as pretty as yours!

  29. Love your collection. I have a couple of lamps, as well.

  30. I have been looking for the Irish Angel may I ask, is yours for sale ?thank you, Sally


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