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Monday, January 5, 2009

Busy Month

Hi everyone, I started the New Year out with a bang.

I've been sick since Jan 2nd. I just hope I don't give it to anyone else, like my oldest son gave it to me. I have lots to do this month and don't have time to be sick.

My oldest son (you know the one that gave me this virus) is getting married Jan 31st. They got engaged at our Family Reunion in June, wasn't that sweet? He's still living at home, so I am really going to miss him.

Of course, being the mother of the groom, a friend told me it is my duty to keep my mouth shut and wear beige. Well, I'm having a hard time doing either one.

I just bought a turquoise outfit at JC Penney at a great price of about 80% off. They had a pretty beige one, but it was too small. Jennifer (the bride to be) said any color would be fine. She's going to be a nice daughter in law, or should I say the daughter we never had. Now I wont be so out numbered in a house full of men.

Do you know how hard it is to buy a dress any more? Nobody sells dresses. Tops and pants are about all you see at the stores now a days. Skirts are even hard to find, and then when you do find something nice --- it's in black. I don't think my son or Jennifer would appreciate me wearing black to their wedding, even though it would make me look slimmer. But who cares what the mother of the groom looks like, right? Just so she wears beige and keeps her mouth shut (just kidding).

My husband also bought himself a nice blazer from Penney's at a greatly reduced price. (I'm beginning to sound like an ad for them, aren't I?)

So we are all set with something to wear, if we can just get to the church on time. (If you know us, you know I'm not kidding when I say that) Charley was almost late for our wedding over 30 years ago. They kept looking out the bathroom window of the little country church as I was getting dressed in my gown, saying "He's not here yet." But he did show up on time and our marriage has lasted.

My neighbor and I are planning a bridal shower on the 17th.
Any suggestions for good games to play?

My son, Andrew, has made them something. I will post a picture of it after the shower. Don't want to take the chance she might see my post and spoil the surprise. I will tell you that it is beautiful.

I'm making something also. It would almost be finished if I hadn't caught this bug. I will post a picture of it later, too.

So you see, I've got lots to do. I'm also going to attempt to make her veil for her. I haven't even started that yet. I made my wedding dress and veil, so I should be able to handle it. Though that was long, long ago and I always get nervous when I make something for someone else.

So, wish me luck in getting everything done and maybe send me a pretty hankie to go with my turquoise outfit. I'll probably need one come Jan 31st.


  1. Congratulations, Janet. It does sound like you have a very nice daughter-to-be. Sometimes, it's hard being the mother of the groom. It can be sort of an invisible role. Brings back memories. I remember...the bride's mother said she would be looking for a black dress. Yes! So, I who always wears black everywhere, looked for a color suitable for an older woman. It was a long project. I finally settled on a dress that I didn't really like...only to find out that bride's mom had chosen NOT black after all! aaargh! Oh, well. Love my daughter-in-law. Her mother, too! :-)

  2. A wedding - how wonderful!
    If the bride says any color - go with it. She's the only one who counts.
    Feel better soon.

  3. Well, Jan, it was a l o n g time coming. I thought you'd be stuck with your boys the rest of your life. I'm happy for Charley. Now, we have to wait on Andrew. I know it is going to be hard on you. When Tania got married (and only at 17), I felt like someone had died. You really miss them when they are gone, even if they aren't far away. I'm looking forward to the wedding. I don't know what I'll wear either. You don't need something to make you look slim either. You make me feel really bad. Well, get've got a lot to do.

  4. Don't you love it when you find a great buy! So sorry you've been sick - I know it's miserable. Hopefull it's all better now. blessings, marlene

  5. A wedding-so exciting! And I think your turqoise dress will be great-bright and cheery for sure.

    I've been sick too-no fun! As with you so far I'm the only one. Maybe no one else will get it. Feel better soon.

  6. I do hope you can get rid of whatever it is that's making you feel bad. And soon!!
    Good luck with all your projects.

  7. Hey Janet...hope you get to feeling better soon girl..How exciting is that...a wedding...congrats to your son & his bride to be...I have 3 daughter-in-laws and I love them like my own daughters! I think that is beautiful that you are making the bride's veil...what a treasure that will be...thanks for coming by my take care of yourself!

  8. Congratulations!! Jan 31st? Thats just right around the corner! Can't wait to hear how it goes:)

  9. Mother of the groom, congratulations! You're starting a new phase of life with this marriage. I hope all goes well. Like you, I stayed well out of the wedding plans, just did what I was asked to do and showed up on time. It's a lot easier than being mother of the bride for sure!


  11. Thanks everyone for all the comments and congratulations. I am over my virus now and getting excited about the wedding. Thanks Janet in Mich. for the bridal shower game site, they have lots of neat ideas!


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