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Monday, November 10, 2008

Remember Our Veterans

Tomorrow is Veterans Day 2008.

We should all remember and honor our veterans.

Many of my ancestors have served their country.

I have a copy of
7 Regiment (Saunders')
Virginia Militia
(War of 1812)

Henry McMillion was listed as a private.
On the company pay roll it stated they were paid $8 per month.

Henry McMillion was my grgrgrgrandpa on my mother's side.

In West Virginia families fought on both sides during the Civil War. My ancestors served on both sides.

The McMillion's served with the Confederates.

My Grandma McMillion's grandpa Homer Taylor served for the Union Army.
He was enlisted in the 7th WV Calvary Co. A

My father was in the Army. He boarded the troop ship USS General Mann and traveled to Japan after the bombs were dropped. Among other things, we have Japanese swords, Japanese money and his little translation book given to all the GIs. Dad still vividly remembers his time in Japan.

This picture of Dad is dated July 6, 1946 Fukuoka, Japan

My husband was in the Navy during the Vietnam Conflict. He was stationed at the naval base in Puerto Rico and for 2 years was on the guided missile destroyer USS Leahy DLG-16.

His home port was Norfolk, VA.

Charley at Kanawha Airport going back after being home on leave.

A few years ago I made a throw. I put on it pictures and patches from his time in the Navy.

Take a few minutes tomorrow and remember our veterans.


  1. Hey Jan, that's a nice post. I'll have to show that one to Daddy next Sunday when he is here.

  2. I hope everyone remembers our Veterans tomorrow. I already have a post ready to go in their honor. I love the throw you made.

  3. Excellent Veteran's Day post, Janet! Thank your husband and your Dad for me for their service! God bless all our brave veterans on this day!

    PS I love the throw using the Navy photos! really neat idea!


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