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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween has Come and Gone

Another Halloween has come and gone. The children (and adults) now have enough sugar and chocolate to last them until the Christmas season.

The stores in our area seem to think it is the Christmas season already. The displays are up and the music is playing.

Whatever happened to waiting until after Thanksgiving before we were bombarded with Christmas advertising? Do you think they start advertising too soon?

Well so much for that.

We bought lots of candy, and my three boys, along with two of their friends, waited on the porch patiently to give out the treats. They are too old to trick or treat now, but they love to sit on the porch and give out the candy. We usually have lots of ghosts and goblins visit us, but I’d say we never had half the visitors we usually have. I think it may be because of the nearby activities for the children to attend on Halloween night.

Do you think this may have kept some of them from venturing up onto our front porch for their candy?

He doesn’t have his mask on and he has a pretty smile

And certainly this couldn’t have kept them from coming…

It is not like it used to be when I was growing up. We went in large groups up and down the holler visiting every house. We came back with lots of candy that we promptly emptied onto the floor or bed. We would separate it into groups and count up how many of each kind we had. We never worried about our candy and our parents never had to check our bounty before we started to consume it.

Yes, Halloween has come and gone, now let’s enjoy Thanksgiving!

Then we can start counting down till Christmas.


  1. We haven't had trick or treaters for several years now. The city ropes off the downtown and the children go around to all the down town merchants. In a way it is good but I sure miss seeing all the little ones in their costumes.

  2. Halloween in our area has changed a lot since I was a kid too.

  3. Janet, what fun those costumed ones on your porch! I know they had fun passing out the candy! Mom & Dad had a good group of kids, and so many fun costumes! I enjoyed watching them come to the door. Missed my own little grandson though...maybe next year. Ah, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before we can imagine! Nice post--I enjoyed it.

  4. Hi Jan,
    Good post. You got me to thinking about when we were kids. We used to walk probably a couple of miles up and down the dirt road for treats. We didn't have bought costumes but dressed up ourselves. Is that Charley Boy?


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