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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why Writing in the Blackberry Patch?

September 2, 2008

I love blackberries. I have been picking blackberries since the middle of July.
I also love to write. Writing in the Blackberry Patch seemed like a fitting title for my blog.

I picked blackberries when I was a child. I picked with my grandmother, Aunt, Mom and cousins.
We picked in the ditches, by the creek, on the hillsides and anywhere else the vines grew. We put on our long sleeve shirts, boots and long pants to protect us from the thorns.

I still pick blackberries, but I pick them from two rows I planted in my back yard. I no longer worry about scratches because my blackberries are thornless!

Here is the pathway between my two rows of blackberries:

My berries don't seem to know their growing season should be over. I still have green, red and ripe blackberries waiting to be picked.

I have a new raspberry vine which shot up among my blackberries. It is totally confused. Raspberries ripen in early summer. This is a new vine which shouldn't produce berries until next year and it is heavy laden with large raspberries waiting to be picked.

Makes you want to take one off and eat it, doesn't it.

I am ready for autumn. I have picked blackberries, froze blackberries, made blackberry cobblers, blackberry jam, blackberry jelly, put blackberries in my oatmeal and put blackberries on my ice cream. I see blackberries when I close my eyes at night.

Yes, I am ready for autumn.


  1. Hi Janet. Your new blog looks great--and you already figured out how to put photos on it. That took me a few months.

    I can't believe you still have berries. That is just amazing. I'm jealous!

  2. The blog looks great and the blackberries absolutely yummy!

  3. Love it, you are really getting good at this writing.


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