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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Grandma and Writing

This is the beginning of my fictional middle grade book I am currently writing. It starts with Lucy's marriage and ends with the birth of her first son.


Only my parents saw me get married that Saturday afternoon in 1908. It was a cool crisp autumn day and the leaves were a golden yellow and russet brown. They blew in the wind and rustled beneath my feet as I carried a bucket of cool well water into the kitchen. I laid the bucket down, placed the long handled dipper in it and smoothed my hair back in place with my hands. Usually I wore my hair flowing down with the front tresses tied back from my face with a white ribbon. But this morning I piled up my light brown hair hoping this grown up style would make me appear older than my 17 years. I tucked my crisp white blouse into my long gathered skirt. The freshly ironed ruffle hung down and covered the buttons of my blouse. They rolled smoothly up and down like the brightly colored hills surrounding our house.

Below is a picture of Grandma Lucy and Grandpa James. It was taken very early in their marriage by a traveling photographer. They married in October of 1908 and had 10 children together. Grandpa was born March 18, 1887 and died Dec 10, 1953. Grandma was born June 7, 1891 and died Jan 1 1984.

She's the one I went berry picking with in my childhood days. She left me with many memories. Memories of her delicious applesauce stack cake, memories of sitting in the yard with her and picking four leaf clovers, memories of sitting on her front porch waiting on the mailman, and memories of playing under the large weeping willow tree in her front yard.

Many memories from many years ago.


  1. Well you've got a great start on the book!! Love the picture of the grandparents-Lucy was a beautiful woman.

  2. Janet, this was a lovely post. I'm sorry I missed writing group because I'd like to hear more of it.

  3. What a beautiful beginning - to a book and to a life.


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