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Monday, July 10, 2017

Road Trippin' in West Virginia

Charley and I and two of our sons took a little road trip on Saturday.

We drove along the Midland Trail. 
Our first stop was at Kanawha Falls.
This is where the New and Gauley rivers
converge to create the Kanawha River.
 Click here to read a little about the falls.

On up from Kanawha Falls this house sits out in the river on a rock.

 Up the road a little ways we reached Cathedral Falls. 
It sits back in a natural rock amphitheater.

 My boys taking in the view.

A lot of people visited the roadside park today.
There is a small parking lot 
and picnic tables.
You can hike a path that takes you to the top of the falls.
But, no I did not take that hike.


Click here for a few pics of the falls in winter.

After enjoying the falls, we drove up, up, up 
the winding Midland Trail
to Hawk's Nest State Park.
As always when you go road trippin', you sometimes
have to visit Ye Olde Bathroom.
Pretty cool bathroom, don't you think.

The familiar, breathtaking view of the New River Gorge 
from Hawk's Nest overlook.

On the way back, we drove through the small town 
of Montgomery, WV
and stopped at the local Dairy Queen. 
This was the view from their parking lot - 
an Osprey's nest on top of a cell phone tower.

We enjoyed our 7-hour trip up to Hawk's Nest and back.

Have you been road trippin' lately?

Ever been to wild, wonderful West Virginia?


  1. I wondered if the little place was still on the rock, after the flooding they had there a few years ago. Nice pics!

    1. Yes, it's still there. I couldn't imagine living there. I'd be afraid the water would come up when it flooded.

  2. That Hawks Nest view of the gorge is great. Makes one want to do a long road trip to West Virginia (from California, that would be an epic drive).

  3. Come on out. The drive would be worth it.

  4. Thanks for taking me on your tour :) I've seen pictures of falls, etc. here in AR but have never been to one. These always amaze me in their beauty.

    1. You're welcome. You need to go visit one in person some day.

  5. Nice photos, Janet. We've taken this drive a few times and always there is something to see. Last time we were down that way we toured the salt works at Malden. Fascinating place. Our latest road trip was the one I wrote about today, taking the Sistersville ferry cruise--another one of my favorite West Virginia places.

    1. Hi, Suzanne. I like taking day trips in WV. There are so many neat places to see. Your latest road trip sounds like a good one, too.

  6. Hi Janet, I love going on virtual trips like this. Thanks for the pictures and details.

    1. Hi, Linda. I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

  7. That’s a VERY cool bathroom and a beautiful road trip. I hope I get to go on it one day (well, a girl has to dream!)

    1. I hope you get to, too. And I love that bathroom - pretty nice outhouse :o)

  8. hi. i'm from hunington but live in youngstown.
    found you on gorges grouse and added you to favorites.
    love going up new river.
    went to hawk's nest about 55 years ago but smog everywhere. see the air is cleaner now. hope to go back there in september. will be first trip to wva in 10 years. it will be 50th hi school reunion.--go highlanders!

    1. Hi, Deborah. I can't imagine smog at Hawks Nest - fog maybe. I hope you enjoy your trip there in September.

  9. Janet, I've just been thinking about trying to get my homebody parents to go to Hawk's Nest and the Mystery Hole. Did you stop there?

  10. Well, we kept driving past the Mystery Hole. But they had a closed sign on it. It's a neat place to just look at from the road, too.

  11. Well, we kept driving past the Mystery Hole. But they had a closed sign on it. It's a neat place to just look at from the road, too.

  12. What a beautiful drive you took! Those pictures are so pretty. I hope you are enjoying your summer. It is hot and humid here, but we get some nice breezes from time to time. Stay cool!


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