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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Spring has Arrived When . . .

What is a true sign of spring arriving?
Among other things, it is . . . 

Yard Sales - - I love yard sales!

Great Nike jacket, picture frames and vintage hankies

Fiesta! Yay. $1 each. I'm not sure about the colors, though. I think the bowls are Heather, but I'm not sure. I compared them to the colors online, but still am a little confused. Just know that among all of my Fiestaware, I don't have either of these colors.

Peonies - - -

Lovely, colorful, fragrant peonies.
How do you pronounce it - peo knees or pie knees?

snowball bushes
blueberries growing 

 blackberries blooming

grapes growing 

What is a sure sign of spring in your area?
Do you like yard sales? Collect Fiesta? 
And how do you pronounce peonies? 


  1. Love your photos and bargains.
    Lilacs are the first sign of spring for me. My rose bushes are also blooming.
    I don't collect Fiesta ware, but my sister has some.
    I love peonies and pronounce it pee oh knees.

    1. Hi, Donna. My rose bushes are full of buds, I'm just a waiting for them to bloom.

  2. My rose bush is blooming, and everything is so green. I LOVE yard sales. Every Saturday I hit the road.
    I used to say Pee` o knees, but my friend the gardener said it's pee`-ah nees. Eh, doesn't matter, they are beautiful.

    1. Hi, Linda. I've never heard it pronounced pee ah nees. But they are beautiful and sweet smelling no matter how you pronounce it.

  3. Love this post! I guess one sure sign spring is coming is the emergence of the yellow flowers of the buttercup weed in the pasture. And I love the tiny green leaves on the trees. I have a lot of Fiesta Ware pieces that I collected in the past but I'm not on the look out for more.

    1. WE have some buttercups, too. This is the first year I've really noticed them - so pretty.

  4. Snowdrops and daffodils.
    I LOVE yard sales but I don’t collect Fiesta.
    Peo-knees for sure! :-)

    1. Hi, Barbara. Thanks for stopping by. Yards sales can be addictive.

  5. Love yard sales- or garage sales as we call them in CT. :) Such great deals. Having them is fun too.

    Flowers make me smile. Love seeing everything bloom this time of year. I agree with Barbara's pronunciation. :)

  6. My rose bush is blooming, and everything is so green.

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