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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Summer's Beauty and Bounty

The last time I posted, our garden was growing and weed free.

Well, our garden is still growing, but it is not weed free. The rainy season has the weeds growing and growing.

We were lucky where we live and the terrible storms that went through West Virginia a few weeks ago, didn't effect us. Although, it did hit in neighboring counties. I want to thank a few of my blogger friends for their emails showing their concern.

Our three blueberry bushes are producing very good this summer. I have picked 26 quarts thus far and they need picked again. I put then in the freezer and we enjoy them all year. They taste so much better than store bought.

Our Rose of Sharon are showing off . . . the bees and hummingbirds love them and so do I.

and so are our butterfly bushes.

I got a hydrangea from my neighbor last year. He was cutting his down. That little bush has went crazy this year.

I have also been crafting. My cousin and I are over the craft class at our local senior citizen center. Crafting with them has put me in the mood to craft at home.

I have been making clothespin wreaths. I just love them. I made one for the Fourth of July and I have made a WVU one. I am putting the WVU one on our auction table at our family reunion this Saturday. West Virginia doesn't have a pro team, so we go all out for our university teams.

I will show you in my next post how to make them. They are so pretty . . . and easy!

Hope your summer is a nice one.


  1. I had planted three little blueberry bushes two years ago, but all three winter-killed last winter.

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry. I would try planting them again. Maybe you will have more luck next time.

  3. Isn't it wonderful to have home grown fruits and veggies! At least one knows who has touched them! I can see a bit of kinship between the rose of Sharon blooms and leaves and those of hollyhocks and hibiscus, don't you agree! All so beautiful!

  4. We have yummy tomatoes ripening. Post a pic of the clothespin wreath? Sounds interesting.

  5. We have yummy tomatoes ripening. Post a pic of the clothespin wreath? Sounds interesting.


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