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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Irises, Snowballs and Poppies - oh my!

The weather has turned warm again. Please stay this way,  I do not want  the cold to return.

My flowers are blooming earlier than usual,  because of the extra warm spring we had. I am thankful most have survived the cold we've had lately.

 I love snowball bushes. They bring back  fond memories of Grandma. She had a bush in her yard and every June we'd all gather in front of it and take pictures. Wish I had all my cousins out here, we could strike a pose and make more memories.

The only thing I do not like about snowball bushes is that the big white flowers don't stay with us long enough. I wish I could  enjoy them all summer.

Okay, this last find is not blooming. But it made me smile when I found it a few days ago. I will add this tiny arrowhead to my collection. You can't tell  in the picture,but the color of it has the prettiest kiss of pink on the surface of it.
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 What's blooming in your yard?

Posted by Janet F. Smart at Writing in the Blackberry Patch.
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  1. Lovely pics! I love the snowball bush, don't have them here. The yellow irises would grow, but we seem to only have bluish purple ones. Poppies do really well.

    Great arrow head find!

  2. Your pictures are great! That's a really nice arrow head; looks perfect?

    My irises and snowball bush have finished blooming and now the daylilies are beginning to open. It is too bad they only last for one day. :(

  3. Lovely photographs, it's been so cold but our daffodils have finally braved the bitter wind and made an appearance.

  4. Beautiful flowers you have snowball is blooming but doesn't seem to have as many blooms this year..My Irises are bloomed and gone..the Lillies are blooming..I'm with you, I sure hope the cold stays away this time..I have a lot of annuals out..

  5. I had a hard time getting your post to come up. I love reading what you have to say.
    We don't have much in the yard flowering. Our lilies are not in bloom but look good. WE had a few Hyacinths and they are gone. I saw that one of our mums came up but not blooming either. I can't wait to plant a few flowers in the front of the house and buy some hanging flowers.
    I love this time of year.
    Will I see you at the conference. Let me know on facebook if you have time. THanks, Barb

  6. PS I love snowball bushes. We have a small one and we pray over it constantly hoping it will take off and look like the ones from our childhoods.

  7. Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers. I have a snowball bush on my list of things to plant!

  8. Here's what's blooming in my Eastern Missouri garden:
    Roses (red and yellow), irises, and clemates. The lilacs bloomed last month but are fading now.
    Yesterday my husband saw our first hummingbird.
    Aw, Spring!

  9. The ticks are out and about over here! Itchy flowers too. lol But also dandelions and pretty little yellow and purple flowers. Your pics are gorgeous. Too cool about the arrowhead! My kids would be over the moon if they found something like that.

  10. Beautiful flowers-but my favorite is the arrowhead!!

  11. Oh to find an arrowhead on my own property! Beautiful flowers.

  12. Whew, with this wild and crazy bi~polar weather I thought you were talkin' 'real' snowballs!!!

    I like your much, much better.

    Wonderful arrowhead find. We find many in one of our creek beds.

    God bless ya sweetie and have a fantastic weekend.

    Bloomin' now...Roses, pinks, daylillies, Blue Veronicas, Peonies, Iris... and the be goes on!!!

  13. Hi Janet, your garden is so beautiful! I especially love the picture of your snowball bush. Your iris' are also spectacular. I just got back from a visit last weekend to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I was so happy that we came at just the right time to see everything in bloom. They had a wonderful orchid house, it was huge with various rooms that had orchids from different climates from around the world. I think that and the sweet smelling rose garden were my favorites. What a great arrow head collection too. I hope you have a lovely and restful evening ahead! With Love, Delisa :)

  14. My poor yard has been neglected but there are some sturdy flowers bravely blooming despite my lack of enthusiasm for yard work.

  15. We've had daffodils and iris'. Now I have evening primrose, honeysuckle and some other sweet smelling bush that I don't know the name of. That's about it here. A late frost got my snowball bush so there will be no blooms here this year. ***sniff***


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