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Friday, May 25, 2012

Can She Make a Cherry Pie?

Remember the old folk song Billy Boy?

1st verse-----
Oh, where have you been, Billy Boy, Billy Boy,  Oh, where have you been charming Billy?
I have been to seek a wife, She's the joy of my life, Shes' a young thing and cannot leave her mother.

4th verse-----
Can she make a cherry pie, Billy Boy, Billy Boy, Can she make a cherry pie, charming Billy?
She can make a cherry pie, Quick's a cat can wink her eye,  She's a young thing and cannot leave her mother.

Well, I'd flunk out on that 4th verse. Billy wouldn't want me. I have the hardest time making cherry pies.
I've only tried a few times, because I'm not very good at them. Mine seem to be on the runny side.

I love eating them right off the tree and can make scrumptious cherry cobblers and cheery cherry jam, but my cherry pies are a flop.

We picked a beautiful bowl of cherries as dark was coming upon us.
My son says he wants a cherry pie. Any suggestions on how to make a delicious, no fail cherry pie?
Or, how do you like to eat your cherries?

Posted by Janet F.  Smart on Writing in the Blackberry Patch
©Janet F. Smart


  1. Well,sorry I can't help you! I eat them out of hand! I picked and pitted a huge bag of cherries to make a pie many years ago. I didn't see the little white worms until after it was baked!
    No one ate it, I threw it out! Never made another!
    Good luck!

  2. I love cherries, especially bing cherries. I wish I had a cherry tree!

  3. No help from this corner. The only cherries that grow around here are the wild black cherries that the birds love. The cobbler sounds delicious!
    I'm sending you an award today--check out my blog!

  4. Sorry, no help from me. Sad to say but get mine from a can.

  5. No help here either..I love that little song, Hadn't heard it in years..have a nice weekend..

  6. Hmmm. Cherries. What a great summertime treat. Just wash them and eat them--oh, and I love cherry cobbler.

  7. I can't help you with baking a cherry pie, I can only envy you having cherries to put into one. Our early heat and seasonal frost got our cherries and our blueberries.

  8. This post made my mouth water! :-) I've never made a fresh cherry pie, but I bet they are 100 times better than one with canned filling.

  9. Add a little cornstarch to the cherries and sugar mixture, Janet, and let the pie cool well before cutting. That should fix the runnies. I made cherry/mixed berry jam and cobbler today--my preference was pie but the guys wanted cobbler so that's what I made.

  10. Yum-I hope it turned out good! I never liked cherries when I was young-but I find I do like them now : ) Love that old song.


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