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Friday, April 6, 2012

Old Songbook

I went to a few yard sales today and only came back with one item. I paid a dime for my purchase.

I bought the 1938 song book that Teddy is holding. I love it.  It is filled with old songs. The songs are indexed as Banquet and Greeting Songs, Children's Songs, Christmas Songs and Carols, College and Humorous Songs, Cowboy and Mountain Songs, Home and Folk Songs, Nature Songs, Negro Spirituals, Parting Songs, Patriotic Songs, Plantation Songs, Rounds, Sacred Songs and Hymns, Sea Songs and Chanteys, Sentimental Songs, Singing Games and Thanksgiving Songs.

Here are three songs that are classified as Mountain Songs.
I remember Billy Boy from when I was a kid. When I was young, we had an old record that had this song on it. I used to sing it all the time.

There are many other old time songs in the book. I'll be posting about them from time to time. Some I have heard and some I have not heard before.

One cute song is Prairie Flower. The words are:

I'm a little prairie flow'r, Growing wilder ev'ry hour;
Nobody cares to cultivate me, I'm as wild as wild can be.
I'm as wild as wild can be, Tu-ra-lu-ra, Tu-ra-le.

I'm a little wrinkled prune, May get stewed, and very soon;
If I do, look out for me, I'm as bad as bad can be.
I'm as bad as bad can be, Tu-ra-lu-ra, Tu-ra-le.

I hope you enjoyed sneaking a peek at my book as much as I did.

Posted by Janet Smart at Writing in the Blackberry Patch


  1. A treasure for sure. I have a few old music books that were discarded from school. Do schools still have music classes? I think most kids enjoy singing.

  2. well that was fun! My aunt just gave me a sheet with words to dozens of old songs, a treasure for sure.

  3. What a neat book, Janet. You always find the coolest stuff!

  4. What a wonderful bargain. I love looking at - and buying - old books. Doesn't Teddy look adorable too!

  5. What an interesting find! When we first moved into our house I found an old pentecostal songbook in our attic.

  6. That is a treasure, you find such good treasures..I love going to thrift stores and yard sales..Happy Easter

  7. Such a deal! I love finding old books for a bargain! Song books are great fun!

  8. Hmmm. I couldn't get the machine to scroll down far enough to hit "publish", but the last anonymous comment was mine!

  9. Janet I think you got a true treasure in that book : )

  10. Well my goodness! That was a well-spent dime!

  11. Small price for all of those big memories!
    I'll bet I know a few of them myself.
    I still sing Billy Boy every now and then.


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