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Friday, April 13, 2012

Everything Fiesta!

We took a trip to Flatwoods,  WV to the Everything Fiesta tent sale on Thursday.

We met quite a character in the long checkout line. A good character! She was in front of us and a recent transplant to West Virginia from Brooklyn NY. We talked and talked and yet never exchanged our names.
She said she missed certain foods since moving down here. She didn't know what corn dogs were and, needless to say, her idea of a hot dog with everything on it was quite different than ours.

She also stated, "You know you wouldn't believe how many people think you live in Virginia when you say you live in West Virginia."

I replied, "I couldn't agree with you more. You would think they never had geography class in school." It was neat hearing that observation from someone else besides a home grown West Virginian.

One of the nicest things about going to events like this is that you get to meet some of the nicest people with the same interests as you have - a love for Fiesta.

Why do I love Fiesta? Well, a few reasons are that it is a product made in the USA, it is proudly made in West Virginia and it is so colorful!

Here I am, squinting away at the sun, which managed to come out for a little while.  I am pulling my treasures around in the checkout line in our little red wagon.


Here are some bowls that I  loved. I did have a large and a medium size yellow one in my wagon until I found out what they cost. The large one's discount price was $25. That was a little steep for me, so I reluctantly put them back. I thought they were mixing bowls, but they were baking bowls.


A smile came to my face this morning when I walked in the kitchen and saw my colorful plates sitting on the kitchen table. How can you look at these and not smile.


See the long turquoise trays on the right? I did not have any of those in my wagon until the lady from NY pointed out the ones she had and told me she thought they were corn plates. Well, that is not what Homer Laughlin calls them, but we thought they would be perfect for corn on the cob and I promptly went and got six out of the bin. 

Everyone in line gave their ideas as to what they could be used for. Some of the ideas we tossed around were: hotdogs, corndogs, corn on the cob, a spoon rest, side order of fries or relish (which I think is what it is supposed to be used for). I told them I just left my relish in the jar. What would you use it for?

My husband was proud to have found the salt and pepper shaker and sugar packet caddy. He found the red caddy in a bin with broken pieces. I think it was the only one there. He didn't even know what it was but thought it was cute and picked it up. I am glad he did. Everyone who saw it, wanted it. 

I got two bread trays. I love them. In addition to bread, they work great for a cheese ball and crackers.

A stack of pretty luncheon plates sits on top of a baking/pizza tray. I thought it would be pretty to display cookies and cupcakes on the large pizza tray.

I love the little stack of yellow bowls. I went and got them at the last minute when we were in the checkout line. They are called chowder bowls, but they worked great this morning for my oatmeal! They would also be great for ice cream, chilli or soup.

So you can see that you can use your imagination and use them for whatever you want, not just what they are supposed to be used for.

Read about the history of Fiestaware here.
Go here to look at vintage Fiestaware.

Do you have any?

Posted by Janet F. Smart on Writing in the Blackberry Patch.
©Janet F. Smart


  1. I am jealous you got to go to the Fiesta sale again. I remember you went last year.
    Love all the pieces you got. Fiesta ware is so beautiful.
    Enjoy all those pieces for me.
    I'm proud too they were made in WV, our own home state.
    Love the new photo you put of WV. Is that Spruce Knob?
    Thanks! B

  2. You have such fun and exciting 'sales' where you live. Love those bright colors.

  3. I don't know if I have any or not. I have a teapot that might be Fiesta ware.

    I love the ideas for the corn plates. I'd also use them for cheese & crackers or appetizers for a party. Wouldn't a row of stuffed mushrooms be really pretty served on these at each place setting? I also think skewers would look pretty served in them whether it's meat & veggie or fruit skewers.

  4. I am a long time Fiesta fan! I have a huge collection of the periwinkle blue that my husband started for me years ago. I love all the colors, but the periwinkle is my everyday dishes. I think those corn holders, or whatever they are, look like they are periwinkle blue! Makes me yearn for them!! I found the cutest little individual pie plates at a store we used to have about an hour away. It's hard to find it around here!

    You found many treasures!

  5. Hi Barb, the picture at the top is Seneca Rocks.
    Jenny, you have some great ideas for using those utility trays.
    Sandi, good to meet another Fiesta fanatic. Those corn trays are turquoise, guess the color doesn't show up too good in the picture. I love periwinkle too, in fact I love all the colors.

  6. Oh boy! I'd like to visit this place! I remember your visit last year and I mentioned that I have Fiesta ware too. My place settings are all in different colors and I keep them for special occasions. I think my favorite color is the persimmon.

  7. Hi Janet! What a great post! I'm so happy for you that you were able to find so many pieces for your collection. I love fiesta ware too, but I only have two plates. When I lived in California, I rarely saw it in the antique stores, but now that I am in Georgia I see wonderful pieces in almost every place I go. Have a lovely sunday evening! Delisa ;)

  8. Who wouldn't love those bright colors : )

  9. Those look like corn plates to me!
    I don't own any Fiestaware, but would love to!


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