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Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Fangled Gadget in an Old Fashioned World

We are just an old fashioned couple. . .

guess which one is me

with old fashioned ancestors. . .

surrounded by old fashioned things. . .

My husband has went from collecting old fashioned transistor radios. . .

to buying a new fangled I Pod.

And, I joined Twitter today. I don't know what I am going to Tweet about,  but time will tell. If you belong to Twitter, friend this old fashioned girl, so I won't be so lonesome over there.

Are you old fashioned in a new fangled world?

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  1. Definitely! I have always felt like I belonged to another time...everything I love comes from the past! Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    Sweet baby pictures! Is the one on the right, you? Love the blue bottles, by the way!

  2. You are the baby on the right. My past lies with old fashioned gadgets too. I like the lamp/dresser set up.

  3. I'm liking the new-fangled world, it's fun to explore. I followed you on Twitter, chirp-chirp :)

  4. Oh boy~am I ever in the wrong time warp! I can't use most of the new gadgets~I could probably learn, but something inside me just doesn't want to. I love old things and the contentment they bring. So, I guess I won't be chirping for you. ;)

  5. Hi Janet! That is a very thought-provoking question. My first thought was "Yes I'm an old fashioned girl". But then when I really think about it, I have never been afraid of technology and like Joanne, I do love to explore and see what is new. But I like to have room for both old and new. Old fashioned ways of living comfort me and keep me grounded. There is so much beauty in the past, although I don't want to live in the past, I never want to lose it. I like to carry it with me as I move forward! Have a lovely day! Delisa :)

  6. Oh brother, I'm still living in the past.. can't wrap my pea brain around all of the technology today..Perfect post for me..

  7. Hi Janet,
    I'm guessing you're the one on the right in the dress?

    Love your photos. I have one foot in the past and am leaning toward the future.


  8. Love the pictures. You're the one on the right, yes?

    I try and keep up with all the technology but it's a struggle at times. And I still can't watch a DVD if hubby isn't home to sort it out for me. :)

  9. Yes, everyone I am the one on the right. And, I think I have one foot stuck in the past and one daintily stepping into the future.

  10. Hi Janet,
    At first I would say I am very old fashioned, and I love old stuff. I spent today with my daughter in antique shops, having so much fun. I am surrounded by mostly old things, with a few sort of new pieces of furniture. Yet, I do like my technology, though I am not ready to twitter!

    I had guessed you were the baby on the right. What a doll!

  11. Cute baby, but not not sure, maybe they are both you.
    I have to say I love my world now, but I guess I'm a keeper of the past.
    Love all your old pictures, and the pretty bottles.
    Nancy Jo

  12. I'm so much more comfortable in an old fashioned world. Love your blue bottles!

  13. Let us know if you find Twitter useful. I haven't seen the point of it yet. To me, the old advice "just because you can is never sufficient reason" seems to apply.

  14. I too am a mix of old and new fangled! Keeps life interesting.

  15. I never really thought about it but I guess I am. LOL
    Find me on Twitter....Fencepost!

  16. We are definitely a mix of old and new--mostly old! I have no idea how to Twitter and Facebook is a challenge to me a lot of times. I know I need to get with it and learn more about some of these gadget. I still have trouble with the DVD player, LOL!

  17. Love the old-but I like some of the new too : ) I love the photos you used for this post!

    (and I'm on twitter too-next time you're on my blog look for the link at the top of the page)


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