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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Little Writing and a Lot of Fiesta

I usually have a writing post on Wednesdays, but I don't have much to say about writing today.

I received a rejection email from the agent I queried for my MG book.

Our writing group has not been meeting lately and I do miss the meetings. I am thinking of trying to find some online writers to share manuscripts with to edit and critique. I need someone else to read my stories. Other eyes see things our own eyes do not.

I am still working on putting together my family history book. I am anxious to get it finished and printed. But, really it will never be finished, because it is still being written....because life goes on and on. I had spoken to one of my cousins before about his remembrances and he had told me he used to go hunting with my Grandpa. This was a long time ago, because my grandpa died before I was born. I saw my cousin over the weekend and asked him about it again. I am glad I did. Seems the hunting he spoke about was not for squirrels, deer or bear. . . but ginseng!

My mind lately has been on colors! The colors of Fiestaware! We are traveling to Newell, WV very early tomorrow morning to attend Homer Laughlin's semi-annual Fiestaware tent sale. I have never been to their tent sale before and I am so looking forward to it. Newell is in the tip top section of our state. If we are lucky and do not get lost along the way, it will take 3 1/2 hours to get there. But, it will  be worth it. The prices are incredible!

What color do you like best?

If you are familiar with Fiestaware, what is your favorite piece? 

I am making a list and checking it twice. Wish you could come along, I might need someone to slap my hand and keep me from buying too much.

Our state is a beautiful and wonderful section of America. Two of West Virginia's best ambassadors are Homer Laughlin and Fenton. Their products add beauty to our world.  If you are not familiar with their products, go check out their sites.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the rejection. *hugs* Online crit groups are all I've ever been involved with and I find them to be very easy and supportive.
    As for fiestaware, never heard of it but I like the dark green and dark red. :-)

  2. Loved this post and shared it on facebook. Really love all fiesta ware. I don't own any but then there's still time! Would love to be at the sale. Wow.
    My fave colors are the dark green, red, and rust. If I were buying any I'm not sure which I'd pick. I love their pitchers best. Always wanted one. I might buy a white pitcher if I were at the sale. Yes, I'd buy white which would go with anything.
    Let us know what you bought!!!

  3. Janet, I have a complete set of Fiestaware, each place setting in a different color. Sometimes I wish I had picked only one; my favorites are the colbalt blue, persimmon, and teal. I also have accessory pieces in different colors.

    I have a collection of Homer Laughlin pieces bought at flea markets, etc. If interested, look under collections on my blog. Hope you find some really nice pieces at a great price!!

  4. Love those Fiestaware colors. At this time of year, I'd go for the earth colors, and like the brown tone in the middle, feeling like the brighter tones are more summer-y.

    Sorry about the rejection, too. It always helps to have other readers go over our work, I hope you find a group to work with!

  5. Hi Janet, so sorry to hear about your rejection notice. I got one the other day too. But remember that every rejection notice is also a notice that you worked hard and put something out into the world. You just keep trying and moving forward, you have a lot of talent and a very unique voice with wonderful stories! I love fiesta ware too. I love all the colors, I think yellow and cobalt blue are my most favorite. I find a piece every now and then at our local antique barn. Have a great evening ahead! Delisa :)

  6. Sorry about your rejection. I think it just means you haven't found the right spot for you manuscript--yet!

    I do like Fiesta ware, but don't have any. I do love Homer Laughlin and have quite a few mixed pieces from years ago:)

  7. Sorry about the rejection, but you'll find the right one for it. I love all of the colors and since I don't have any, bring some back for

  8. Love, love all the Fiestaware, and so wish I could go to the tent sale with you. I guess the red would be my favorite.
    Keep writing! Always love your posts.

  9. I've always loved fiesta ware; don't really have a favorite piece. I have only had a few pieces and my favorite color would have to be turquoise!

  10. My aunt used to have some Fiesta dishes. I love all the bright colors. Hope you came home with lots!

    Sorry about your rejection :(

  11. Love the bright colors-I couldn't choose a favorite. Don't worry about your rejection-if you didn't try you'd never know-and I bet there'll be someone who'll see how good it is and jump on board!

  12. Rejection letters are so hard to take. I hate that you received one. I used to think it might be fun to paper my writing office with them! :-)

    I have several wonderful pieces of the older Fiesta! I love the cobalt blue! Have fun!


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