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Monday, October 31, 2011

Hot! Hot! Hot ........Peppers!

We did put a few in the freezer.

My son does manage to take a tiny bite every now and then.

And, we pawned off a small amount on a few courageous and curious friends.

But, I decided if you can't eat them, decorate with them.

But, maybe I should hang a sign on them saying, "DON'T TOUCH!"

Ghost Peppers are ..........Hot! Hot! Hot!


  1. Yikes-I know they'd be too hot for me-but my husband would probably try one : )

  2. My wife loves hot peppers; the hotter the better. Alas, she now has a medical condition that prevents her from eating them. She got me started and now I'm the one who eats them, but I still can't deal with the hottest ones.

  3. I can tell to by looking at them, they are so hotttt.. Happy Halloween

  4. I'm not a hot pepper fan; but they sure make pretty decorations!

  5. My husband loves them, he even eats them with breakfast sometimes! I love growing peppers. They are so pretty, even if a lot of them are never eaten.

  6. Hi Janet! My husband is a hot pepper person and was just telling me about ghost peppers the other day. Do you have a secret for cutting them or stopping the burning once it gets on your hands? No matter what I do, whenever he brings home anything hotter than a jalapeno, I burn my hands. I'm not a light weight either, but man that burning is torture! I have tried using gloves, soaking my hands in milk, but once that pepper gets on your skin my goodness! Hope you are having a great afternoon! Delisa :)

  7. Delisa, I have no secret. I definitely use gloves when touching these peppers.

  8. Beautiful, Janet! I love the heat that hot peppers add to stir fried meals, but I never bite into those hot babies.


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