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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Butterflies and the Hummingbird Moth

My husband and I were down at the garden trying to pick squash, tie up tomatoes and snip out dead berry vines, but we kept getting distracted. . .

. . . by butterflies! They are so pretty and delicate. I love watching them fly from one flower to another. If you love butterflies, you should plant a butterfly bush in your yard. The blooms of a butterfly bush smell heavenly, no wonder the butterflies are attracted to them. We have a bunch of butterfly bushes and they are being visited this summer by lots and lots of butterflies.

they also like these tiger lilies

But, what is this? It certainly is not a butterfly! How about a Hummingbird Moth. That's what I call him. Isn't he just the neatest little critter?

When in flight, his wings go so fast, you can't see them!

His wings are clear!

Have you seen one of these on your flowers this summer?


  1. Beautiful flowers and butterflies. 3 or 4 years ago, we were visited by the hummingbird moth on 2 occasions, but not since. I had never heard of such a moth. It was quite fascinating to watch. The eyes wanted to say it was bird, but the mind said no, it can't be. ;-)

  2. We've had many, many butterflies this year too, Janet. Isn't it amazing? No Monarchs here though, but we did have a whole flock of Fritillaries. At last 4 different butterflies at a time and so beautiful.

    We get the hummingbird moths pretty often too, but I've never tried taking a photo of them. Lovely!

    I hope your shoulder is feeling better now.

  3. I've got butterflys-but I've never even seen one of the moths-so cool!

  4. Hey Janet!

    I think this year has been a good year for the butterflies! I have seen more this year than I've ever seen. I also seen my first hummingbird moth earlier this month. That was such a sight to see! At first I thought it was a baby hummingbird but then it looked like a bee!

  5. Great pictures! I haven't seen many butterflies but there have been plenty of moths trying to get into the house everytime we open the door at night! Ew! I have been scared of moths ever since one flew into this girl's ear at church camp. She had to go to the hospital and now I'm paranoid LoL!

  6. They are beautiful! Your pictures are great. We have a few butterflies here but not too many--more like rabbits and birds.

  7. We don't have many butterflies here on the farm. Don't really have much to attract them. I NEED A BUTTERFLY BUSH or two!
    I've never seen one of those hummingbird moths either. Interesting little critters.
    Okay, you've convinced me to get a butterfly bush or two. LOL

  8. Yes, I think you should get a butterfly bush. You won't be
    sorry. :)

  9. Hey there....
    I love your butterfly pictures! I took several pictures 2 days ago but mine aren't near as nice as yours.
    I took mine on Rock Castle Road. They were everywhere! I love that area...took pictures of the barns in that area too. By the excited for you (book)
    Proud of ya cousin! Carmen


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