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Monday, March 1, 2010

Pot Holes!

I hate pot holes. My husband hates pot holes.

We zigzag down the road trying to avoid the pot holes. It is impossible. You swerve to miss one and you hit another. We sometimes find ourselves driving down the middle of the road.

I attempted to take some pictures of pot holes. Aren't they pretty?

Pot holes are everywhere!

There are a lot worse ones. You are on top of them before you realize it. So I missed taking pictures of a few doozies.

Sometimes I wish the highway department would just roll up the road and start all over.

Don't you?


  1. It looks very much the same here in Ohio ;D

  2. Love the way you edited that picture to go with your story!
    The pot holes here are worse than I've ever seen. All this wet weather this year has really taken a toll on our roads.

  3. I totally agree! Maybe you should be in charge of the roads ;)

  4. I must say those roads do look terrible.

  5. Yes, that would be nice...they are really bad around here too.

  6. I dodged one the other day and hit another lickety-split. I thought, there go my new tires. Love the pic with the road rolling up. You are so clever!

  7. I like your peel away road-now thats what they need on the drive going around my daughters' school-cause it is full of potholes : )

  8. I try to avoid potholes too..I worry though that I spend so much energy looking for them that I might get into an accident!


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