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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Home Rules

I have a plaque that has a list of home rules on it. I kinda like the rules. Here they are:

If you sleep on it.....make it up
If you wear it......hang it up
If you drop it......pick it up
If you eat out of it.....put it in the sink
If you step on it....wipe it off
If you open it.....close it
If you empty it.....fill it up
If it rings.....answer it
If it howls.....feed it
If it it

What do you think? I like the last one best. Do you have one you want to add to the list?

Another question.

How long does it take a person to remember that they moved the wastebasket in the kitchen to another place?


  1. Hey,
    I sent two novel entries. I wish I'd gotten serious earlier and worked harder. Oh well. The old nagging editor in me.
    I love your blog. I like the list you have in your kitchen. Can't think of any to add.

  2. I saw that list somewhere before and I liked it!

  3. Loved you plaque. I need to add one! IF YOU SPILL IT..... MOP IT UP!

  4. Love the list! Now if I could get everyone in this house to follow it : )

  5. How bout...If you put it in the sink....go ahead and WASH IT! LoL

    Great post. How are you liking this great weather?


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