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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Weekend Trip #2

This is my second post about our weekend trip to Pipestem State Park.

We checked out at 12 noon on Sunday. We stopped by the Nature Center . . .

to visit our friend, the Park Naturalist. . .

Charley and Jim relaxed and gabbed while I took pictures.

this little one got sprinkled with snow while nibbling at the pine needles

the cardinal looked beautiful on the snow covered limbs

the little ones couldn't reach the bird feeder, but this one could

Jim said he usually ran them off because they ate all the bird seed, but he let me take some pictures first

they would go away, but kept coming back for more

and more. . .

We spent a long time sitting in the rocking chairs, watching the birds and deer. A good end to a cold, frosty trip to southern WV.


  1. Looks like a winter wonderland. Great pictures!

  2. Thanks for the little nature trip! Are those Icicles REAL!?!!!? Hard for a Texas girl to believe...:)

  3. You got some wonderful pictures Janet! Seeing the deer up close like that is special!

  4. Looks like you had a good trip even if it did snow!!!

  5. Such cute shots you captured : )

  6. I'm with you!
    I couldn't have sat on the porch and gabbed with all those photo ops.


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