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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Resolutions and Lists

Some people are list makers and some people are not. Which are you?

I tend to fall into the non list maker category. But when I do make lists, I usually get things done. When I see that list staring me in the face, I will do at least some of the items on it. It feels good to be able to mark off my accomplishments.

So, my first New Years Resolution is to make lists!

I will put a list on the refrigerator and I will put a list on the wall in back of my computer.

1. I want to lose 10 pounds. This may sound easy to a lot of you, but for me, it seems the older I get the harder it is to lose weight. If I could just shut my mouth every time I'm around sweets, I should be able to succeed. When I'm hungry (or not), I grab the easiest thing in front of me to eat, which means a cookie or a piece of candy. I love sweets and night time snacking.

2. I want to get the garage and attic cleaned out and organized. We have a two car garage and couldn't get one small car in it if we tried. So in this freezing cold, snowy weather we have to park the cars outside.

3. Travel more. I may be able to accomplish this since my husband just retired. I love traveling in West Virginia and the surrounding states.

That's not very many resolutions, so maybe I'll be able to keep them.

I have some writing resolutions, also, but I will post about them on my other blog.

We were not able to see the 'blue moon' because of the cloudy weather. Did any of you get to see it?

I wish everyone a Happy New Year.


  1. Hi Janet~ I am definately a list maker! Can't go to the store without a list or I'm lost! Also I tend to get household chores done with a list too, and how satisfying it is to cross those chores off!

  2. Good luck on your lists. Wish I only had 10 lbs to lose..more like 110 lbs for me...and do you mean you are now going to have to put up with Charley every day and every night from now on...good luck again...(just kidding).

  3. Hey Janet!

    Couldn't see the Blue Moon either.

    I'm sort of a list maker but I've not been doing it much lately because I don't have much time to make my lists.

    Good luck at getting your cars in the garage. It's nice getting into a some what warmer car in the Winter!

  4. I am not a list maker. I should be, maybe then I would accomplish a little something. My garage is in the same shape as yours. My closets are running over and I think I might be classified as a hoarder. Maybe they could put me on one of those tv shows and come clean my house out.

  5. I couldn't get anything done without making lists! Even before I go up into the attic, I make a list on what needs to go up or down. And I'm right there with you on losing weight, and the garage and attic thing, but also the shed. They're all monkeys on my back!

  6. Janet I'm definitely a list maker and cleaning out the garage is perpetually on my list! blessings, marlene

  7. I'm a list maker too : ) But I never thought of making them for my goals-thank you Janet!

  8. I am a list maker. I sometimes forget important things when I don't list them.
    Good luck getting your list crossed through!
    Too much cloud cover, so we didn't get to see the blue moon either.


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