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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day in Ripley

A few pictures in honor of Veteran's Day.

Our mayor Carolyn Rader, one of the most patriotic ladies in the county. She's the best.

21 Gun Salute. Enlarge and see a few shells going through the air.

I liked this picture with the little ones watching him sound taps.

A view of our Court House.

A statue erected in memory of Federal Soldiers on the grounds of the Court House.

My veteran, Charley.

Go to and until November 13th you can search their military records for free!

They have copies of draft cards from WWI, WWII, the old mans draft of WWII and lots more records you can search through. I have copies of my grandpa's draft card from WWI and from the old mans draft of WWII. You can find lots of info about them on these cards.

You only have a few days to do it for free. Type in names and see what comes up. Go check it out and good luck!

For those of you new to my site, go here and see last year's post on Veteran's Day.


  1. Hey Janet!

    Jackson County sure is a beautiful part of West Virginia. I also such a patriotic county too! Great pictures.

    Thanks for the information on! I'll be searching until they shut it down! lol


  2. Janet that was really nice...and your veteran charlie just made the whole post better...thanks for sharing...

  3. Oh I loved the pictures!! Especially the one of your Veteran and the kids listening to taps.


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