Wildflowers - Dandelions and Violets

I love wildflowers!

I picked them as a child and brought bouquets of them to Mom, especially Sweet Williams. And I loved the Jack in the Pulpits. I haven't seen either of these yet, but our yard is full of dandelions and violets.

Some people think of them as weeds. But I consider these colorful flowers one of God's beautiful creations.

After a long winter of drab and dreary landscapes, these yellow and violet creations pop out of the ground for us to enjoy.

What is a dandelion? It is a wild plant with a large yellow flower, deep taproot, and deeply notched leaves, that changes into a fluffy white ball of seeds.

From root to flower, dandelions are highly nutritious plants, loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber.

This is a dandelion craft I made a few years ago. It says "Some see a weed, others see a wish come true. Make a Wish!"

We were told as kids,  "If you blow a seed head of a dandelion, the number of seeds remaining are the number of children you will have."

I've never tried it, but they say you can make violet jelly. If you would like to give it a try, here is a link to how you can do it. 

And, of course, here is the little poem about violets:

Roses are red
Violets are Blue
Sugar is sweet
but not, as sweet as you.

Do you know any dandelion or violet folklore or trivia?


  1. TBE French call it dente re lion, which means tooth of the lion. I wrote a post several years ago about dandelions. Lots of cool folklore about them.

    1. Yes there is, Susanna. I like them.

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  2. Although some people try to get rid of these flowers, I love them! My backyard is covered with violets and spring beauties. Usually the yard doesn't get mowed as soon as it needs so these flowers can bloom longer. I will say though, the leaves of the violets don't look so pretty when there are no blooms.

    1. Hi Charlotte. Violets can take over and they do look a lot prettier with the flowers on them.

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  4. I love dandelions. I think they are beautiful and cheerful- not to mention so amazing for the environment and bees. I have wondered how they got such a bad reputation and why people work so hard to rid their yards of them. Loved this post!

  5. Hi Janet,
    I hope you are well and staying safe from Covid-19. I am well and trying to avoid the virus.

    I love this posting.

  6. I hope you are well. I love this posting of the dandelion craft.

  7. I haven't heard from you for awhile and hope all is well with you in WVA. Has Covid-19 struck your part of the country a lot? We are getting more positives cases here in WNC. I'll be so happy when this virus passes.

    1. Hi Brenda. Sorry I haven't replied, I didn't get notified by email that you had posted. We are doing okay and hope how soon this covid thing is a thing of the past.


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