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Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Day Superstitions

 The following is a re-post from a few years ago.

 New Year's Day Superstitions

I thought I'd better get this post out today - you know just in case you want to do or not do any of these things.  (just kidding folks)

New Year's Day is full of superstitions. Many differ, depending on what part of the country you live in.

Now for us, you just have to eat cabbage on New Year's Day. There's just no getting around it. The stores in our area always put cabbage on sale this time of year. I've already bought me a big head of it. When I was growing up, Mom used to put a silver coin in it (usually a dime) and the one who spooned it out with their helping was sure to come into money that year. I really think it was just a way to get us kids to eat cabbage, though. We all wanted that dime!

Here is a link to how my husband cooks our cabbage. 

And, as far as my grandma went, you had to be a male or you weren't entering her house first on New Year's Day! They said she had her son who lived next door come to her house bright and early. I guess it didn't hurt that he was also tall, dark haired, and handsome, which is another superstition people had about the first footer.

There are lots of superstitions I found on the internet. Some of the more prevalent ones were:

Wear new clothes. This would mean receiving new garments throughout the coming year.
Avoid crying if you don't want to continue the pattern throughout the new year.
Be nice and refrain from using foul language.
Don't let money leave the house. Don't pay bills or loan money on New Year's Day. Or for that matter don't even take out the garbage or shake out a rug! This will ensure that nothing goes out of the home during the new year. Some soften this rule by saying it is okay to remove things if something is brought in first.
At midnight, all the doors must be opened to let the old year escape.
Make sure your wallets, purses and cupboards are well stocked on New Year's Day and it will bring prosperity.
Do not do the laundry on New Year's Day! It will 'wash away' or lead to a death in the family.
Pay your bills or loans before the New Year so you won't have any debt left for the New Year.
Make as much noise as possible at Midnight - you are scaring away evil spirits. Evil spirits hate loud noises, this is also why church bells are rung on wedding days.
Babies born on this day will have luck on their side.
 If a girl looks out her bedroom window upon rising and sees a man walking outside, it is said she will be married before the year is out.
And, be sure to kiss at midnight! This will ensure that those affections will continue throughout the following year.

So there you have it. Be sure and pay all your bills today, go shopping and stock up on groceries, do your laundry, put money in everyone's wallet or purse(even if it's just a few pennies), kiss the one you love at midnight, and then proceed to make a lot of noise!
Then on New Year's Day be sure and wear new clothing you received for Christmas, be nice and polite, make sure a man comes into your house first, then proceed to make a big pot of cabbage for dinner!

That shouldn't be too much to remember.
Do you have any more to add to my list?

Happy New Year!


  1. I don't care much for cabbage, so I prefer the southern tradition of black-eyed peas. I don't think we'll be having them this year either, though. I believe the little woman is planning on left-overs. Hope you have a great 2016!

    1. I wish you a Happy New Year! I don't like black-eyed peas, but I love cabbage. Hope you enjoyed your leftovers.

  2. One of the superstitions here is eating raw herring. No way. I'd rather suffer the consequences of NOT eating it, than the consequences of eating it. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  3. Hi, Linda. I think I would skip that tradition, too. Happy New Year!

  4. Fascinating superstitions. Always like to hear of such old time ways. Best to you and your family in 2016! -- barbara

    1. Hi, Barbara. The best to you and your family, too.

  5. Oh, no, Wish I'd read this sooner. I don't think I did anything right! :-)

    Fun post, Janet!

    1. Hi Clara.Glad you enjoyed reading it.Just remember what you have to do next year :o)

  6. Hi Janet,
    Thanks for your list of New Year superstitions. Wish I'd read it earlier.
    No cabbage for me, but I did make a pot of black-eyed peas with ham hocks. My hubby was in heaven.
    Hope you have a wonderful new year.

  7. It was fun to look at this list. I don't have any New Year's superstitions. I do not like cabbage- so it is good I didn't have to follow that one growing up. Thanks for sharing these. :)

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