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Monday, July 1, 2013

Around the House

It has been a while  since I posted on my blog.  During that time, we have had a family reunion.

Our garden is growing and growing. We have tomatoes, cucumbers, banana peppers, squash, potatoes, strawberries (which are doing very good for their first year) and even a couple of Brussels sprouts and eggplants.

I have had to pull up and throw away hundreds of baby Rose of Sharon plants. My advice to you -  don't ever surround a Rose of Sharon plant with mulch. Plant it out in the open, so the thousands of seeds won't sprout into plants. I wish I had a nickle for every baby plant I have pulled from the ground.

And we have built a deck. I love it! My son Andrew is a wonderful carpenter (among other things) and we were his helpers.

And, it has been very hot and rainy.

What has been happening around your house this summer?

Posted by Janet Smart  on Writing in the Blackberry Patch.


  1. Hello, Janet! Nice to hear from you again.
    Your garden veggies sound wonderful to a person who doesn't have a garden :(
    I used to have so many coneflowers I pulled them out, then the deer took care of all the rest. Now I only have a few left.
    Is your deck on the shady side of the house? What a lovely place to relax!

    1. The deck gets the shade in the morning. I've went out there quite a few times already and ate breakfast. It is right off of our dining room. We have a front porch we can sit on in the afternoon.

  2. Nice pics. Your garden looks really good. Ours is coming along better than I expected with so much rain. Love your deck. Hope you have a nice fourth. Susie

  3. I love that log cabin. Aren't reunions fun? Summer is speeding by here in St. Louis.


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