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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Vintage Drinking Glasses

I admit it!
I have a collection of drinking glasses. 

They made them so pretty long  ago! The ones  on the left - the yellow/white stiped ones with what looks like a carnation in the middle - I got these at a yard sale. She said they were in flour bags a long time ago. I bought four of them (I think I paid $1 each for them) and she kept the other four.

 These were my moms. I think the boxer one was a peanut butter jar.

I used to refund a lot. These Keebler glasses I obtained free by sending in Keebler cookie upcs.
These are on top of our small freezer. My grandma used to keep her glasses on top of her refrigerator. Did your mom or Grandma do that,  too?

 I love the strawberry glasses. I have four of the Coke glasses. And I love the one with the red flower.

 Here are a few more. As you can tell, I like yellow! But I must confess the one with the torquoise flower on it is one of my favorites.

 This is my latest  addition. I saw this at the thrift  store Tuesday, and I couldn't resist giving her a quarter for this one.  It is very heavy and the cherries and white sections stick out, kind of like they are embossed. I've never seen any like  it before. I wish there had been more of them!

I've had these Anchor Hocking tulip glasses for a long time. They are a favorite of mine. The container in the middle doesn't match, (I believe it must have been put out to match Corelle dishes, because the pattern matches one of their designs).

I love these wheat glasses and  pitcher. I have five of the glasses. I don't know who made them.

And,  last but not least, are my juice  glasses! They are so cute.

I have had more, but gotten rid of them at yard sales. A girl can only have so many glasses, you  know, before they start  to take over.

But, I must confess, I do have more. Maybe I'll  post them on another day.

Which one is your favorite?
Do you collect drinking glasses or maybe  some other item that catches your eye when you see them at yard sales or thrift stores.

I'd love to hear about what you collect.

Posted by Janet F.Smart on Writing in the Blackberry Patch.


  1. These are all really pretty; it's difficult to pick a favorite, but I'll say the wheat glasses.

    I used to look for Homer Laughlin china pieces but haven't shopped for anything in a while. I have little collections of this and that. :)

  2. I don't collect glasses, but I DO have five old jelly glasses that I use daily. They remind me of my family from way back and fit my hand far better than the straight-sided wonders you find so many of today. Saw you had an article in TLL.

    1. Hi Gorges! I love the old glasses better, too. Glad you saw my article in Two Lane Livin'. I've been writing the Fun Facts For Kids column in it for over three years now. Where do you pick up your copy?

  3. I love the cherry glass, the tulip ones and of course the juice glasses because they are small for little ones and it looks like they have animals on them.
    Glasses used to be much more fun than now. I had some cartoon glasses at one time. I have one left, from grape jelly, and it is a tweety bird. I had to go look in the cupboard. I use it as a biscuit cutter, just the right size.
    Thanks for sharing Janet. Love glasses too!

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    1. I have some cartoon character glasses, too. Some of those juice glasses have some of the cutest characters on them!I even have a set of Borden Burger glasses.

  4. These glasses are so neat! I especially love the juice glasses. I remember finding glassware in laundry detergent when I was a child.

  5. How cool. The blue glasses are my favorites. I remember my mom getting glasses in boxes of laundry soap. Oh, and jelly jars for drinking juice.

  6. Jelly jars take me back to childhood. Ehen I was a new bride I used to collect glasses from Duz detergent. I think they were made by Libby and were embossed and had a gold rim. You certainly have some treasures.

  7. Hi Janet,
    Now that is a lot of glasses. I have some of those, just not whole sets. I like the older ones too. They seem to have more of something then the newer ones.
    Nancy Jo

  8. Love them all. I daren't collect glasses as I'm short on room now. We had Vegemite glass containers that had pretty designs on that every one used for drinking glasses. They are collector's items now.... xo

  9. I really don't collect much of anything anymore -- Bird's nests, old photos, old linens (that I use), that is about it. When I was younger I collected way to much. Now I live simply. My favorite of your glass collection is the one with the red cherries. It is beautiful. Fun post -- barbara

  10. Hi, Janet! I bought 2 of those wheat glasses today and wondered if they were vintage so I did a search and NOW I'm here! :)

    I have friends who collect swanky swigs so I researched that, too.

    I plan on having an antiques booth some day so I pick things up if they're a good deal. My wheat glasses were only 49 cents each at the thrift store.

    I think i'll look around and see what else you collect! ♥

    1. Hi Holly! Glad you stopped by. I collect a lot of stuff, I just can't help it, especially when it's a real good deal.


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