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Friday, August 10, 2012

Boxes Full of Color

We went on a trip today to Flatwoods, WV, to another Fiesta Tent Sale.
I came back with boxes full of color.

Here are some pieces I came back with.

I didn't need a lot. Well, really I didn't need anything. But I can't resist the huge discounts at the tent sales.

And they are so fun to go to. You always make friends in the checkout line. It is a very long line and you have a chance to talk to people and get to know them.

Everyone talks about how they use their Fiesta and what their favorite pieces and colors are.

I was still unable to get any spoon rests, but I did get a couple of jam jars, utility crocks and large prep bowls. I love my large marigold and turquoise bowls.  I like the red water pitcher, too. I think it will be very pretty at Christmas.

If you don't know much about fiestaware, you can go here to find out more.
I've also posted about it before. You can go here to see these posts.

I love the bright colors, they brighten my day!
If you get the chance, buy a piece or two and it will brighten your day, too.

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  1. What a great way to add to your growing collection! The colors are so bright and cheery. Have a great weekend!

  2. I love Fiesta ware, too! I wish we had tent sales in the Pacific Northwest, but I've never heard of any.

    I found three pieces of my periwinkle blue at an antique store on Tuesday. My husband bought me 8 place settings and serving pieces many years ago, and I just keep adding to the set. Sometimes I yearn for the bright colors of the new Fiesta, but I don't really have room in my cupboards for more!

  3. SO pretty! I just have the basic colors. I love the feel of Fiesta Ware: heavy and durable. I'd sure like to be with you at a sale :)

  4. They do have the most beautiful bright colors! I have often wanted to buy some Fiestaware but I haven't done it yet. I'd have to get rid of some of my other things to make room for it! lol

  5. I am so glad that we don't have access to Fiesta Ware in Australia!!! I'd be broke from buying it. It looks so bright, happy and glossy. Enjoy it on my behalf, please. xo

  6. So so pretty-I love the colors!

  7. I remember the Fiestaware my grandma had, and wonder what happened to it.

    Thanks for becoming a Follower at my blog. I've joined here. :)


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