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Monday, March 19, 2012

God's Rainbows

Into our lives a little rain must fall.

But, then God gives us a rainbow.

©David Smart

Take the time to stop and enjoys the rainbows in our lives.

Posted by Janet Smart at Writing in the Blackberry Patch
©Janet F. Smart


  1. Beautiful thought today. It seems we can always find that rainbow, if we look hard enough ...

  2. Beautiful picture! We don't see double rainbows very often. It's thundering here but I doubt that we see a rainbow; heavy rain is supposed to come our way.

  3. What a beautiful message and that's one magnificent rainbow!

    Thanks for remindin' us there's often a rainbow at the end of our life storms.

    God bless ya sweetie and have a fantastic week!!! :o)

  4. Rainbows have a way of helping us weather life's storms..beautiful phot..Susie

  5. Thank good ness for those rainbows and all the other joys we find in nature...they help keep us happy and well in a turbulent world!

  6. Wow what a great photo-just love it!

  7. I know what you mean about flying, especially over the ocean...I was pretty worried until there were three bad accidents before we left, and since those things go in threes, I figured we'd be OK. And of course we were. Wish you could go see your might just have to brave it some time!

  8. Lovely picture. Rainbows are fascinating. The picture of the cardinals is gorgeous too.


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