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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Writing Wednesday - Moods

I'm in one of my moods!

I am actually in more than one mood.

I am working on a poem that I need to get finished before Saturday and I have to write my column, which I have not yet started, by Saturday, so I am in a writing mood.

I am trying to de-clutter around the house,  so I am in one of  "those house cleaning" moods my husband hates. Look out dust bunnies and junk, I am on my way!

I want to start the year off right.

If my house is straightened up, I do not feel guilty when I sit at the computer and write.
If I am writing and submitting, I do not feel guilty and think I am wasting my time writing.

I have submitted a lot this year. In fact I have submitted at least one thing (and sometimes more than one) every month of this past year. With an exception of a few poem acceptances, I have either gotten rejections or heard nothing back at all, but I have submitted. I have faith in some of my picture book manuscripts and know they are good enough to be picked up by a publisher. I just have to keep submitting and find the right publisher.

I am glad when I get in these moods!
I accomplish things when I get in these moods.

My early New Years Resolution is to stay in the mood and get things accomplished!

Want to join me see how much we can accomplish if we put our mind to it?


  1. It sounds to me like you have the right idea. CLean out the clutter and the brain works better!

  2. Hi Janet, your energy is like a tonic! I'm can just picture you flitting from room to room with a broom and dust cloth in hand. :) It sure does feel good to get things cleaned and polished and fresh for the new year. I am sure proud of you for staying with all of your writing goals. You are very talented and all of those submissions are very inspiring. Keep up the good work, I know that it will yield wonderful fruitage. Have a great afternoon! Delisa :)

  3. Like Delisa, maybe you can give me some of that Tonic.. Clutter and more Cluter.. Need to be writing but I've got the Grand this week and all I hear is Nanny I'm hungry..Happy New Year..Susie

  4. Yea for your moods!
    Happy New Year :)

  5. You've put me in the mood to get mooving!

  6. I need to get back to submitting articles; I've been letting my blog and others take all my time.

  7. What is it with us women and the 'guilt'? I have it, friends too. Do men? I don't think so.
    Keep up with your writing and a good way if you write children's stories is to make up your own books and give them to child care places etc. doesn't cost much and it spreads a lot of joy.

  8. Great post. I now have an excuse when Mr A complains that I'm in a mood. I too have submitted lots of picture book manuscripts to publishers and heard nothing back. I always include a stamped addressed envelope. It wouldn't hurt them to shove a standard rejection in it, and as for those who ask for submissions to be made by email, they hardly ever reply and that's even easier to do.

  9. Hang in there sister. I've heard of all the rejections some of the best authors have recieved. Ya just gotta keep on keepin' on!

    God bless ya sweetie and have yourself a fantastic New Year!!! :O)

  10. Ha! I also feel that I need to have a clean house so that I can crochet or sew without guilt.

  11. Oh boy, I recognize those "moods"! I am impatiently awaiting New Year's Day, so I can officially get rid of the trappings of Christmas (it's Tradition!).

    For once, the tree is in marvelous good health, with nary a needle falling, so I'm grateful for that, but just the whole bustle and energy involved with setting the house back to "normal" is exhausting. I'm grateful that I won't be returning to work until Tuesday, so Monday will be a day of puttering on a quilt project I'm hoping to finish!

    Here's to productive "moods" in 2012!

  12. Janet,
    You are starting the year out right. I need to follow your example and submit work and clean my house. You are an inspiration to me.
    I hope you have a very happy New Year!

  13. Thank you for the encouragement. I plan to submit more this year, and reading yours and others blogs inspire me. The happiest New Year to you!

  14. Sounds like you are starting the new year off right!

  15. I'm trying to be in the moods you are-but so far I just want to do nothing : )


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