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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Falling One by One!

Had a huge frost last night. Went outside this morning to the sights and sound of leaves falling swiftly from the trees! There will be a lot of raking today in the neighborhood.

by Janet F. Smart

I saw the leaves this morning
Falling one by one.

Will all the trees be naked
When the day is done?

I see the carpet building
There upon the ground.

It makes a whirling playground
And a crunching sound.


  1. Hi Janet! I love the pretty prose. Your blog is always delightful to visit. enjoy the weekend.

  2. A pretty verse today, enjoying the sights of the season ... Enjoy this Autumn Saturday :)

  3. Very appropriate verse for today. When we have a killing frost, the leaves from the mulberry tree all coming floating down in one day. Then we know for sure winter isn't far away. Do you compost the leaves?

  4. Love your fall poem! Our leaves are starting to do a lot of falling, too. But we still have some green, so hoping for a new burst of color.

  5. My yard is full of oak leaves (and so are my gutters)! Enjoyed the poem.

  6. This poem is so visual. I can see the leaves and feel the crunch beneath my feet.
    Lovely! It's always fun to see what you are writing about.
    Blessings on this lovely Sunday.

    Love to hear what you bought at the Fiesta sale!

  7. I love the poem! My hubby won a leaf blower at the bank and he's been having a great time playing with his new toy.

  8. Love the poem. We don't have many leaves since we had eleven big popular trees cut down. They were going to fall on our house, if we hadn't cut them. It seems so strange to not use the blower as much.. those popular leaves really cover everything in sight..We couldn't walk through the yard it would get so full

  9. They are falling down here, too. I love the colors of autumn, but I dread seeing winter come.

  10. Beautiful words and pictures. I love autumn and especially enjoy crunching through fallen leaves like a 5-year-old. :)

  11. Loved the poem. Sometimes, it looks like it is raining leaves outside. I can't keep them off the deck, much less the yard.

  12. Love the poem! It reminds me of the first time one of my girls noticed the leaves were gone off of our bushes she said "oh no Momma they're naked and now they'll freeze" : )


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