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Friday, June 24, 2011

Garden Surprises

We had a small gully washer yesterday. The rain did not last for a long time, but it fell hard and fast.

This morning I ventured out to the garden to take a look-see at everything and I found a couple of surprises.

I am used to seeing little green tomatoes. . .


I am used to seeing little green peppers. . 

But, I am not used to seeing little green things on top of my potato plants.  I took a second and third look to make sure a tomato plant had not made its way into my potato patch.

They green potato ‘fruit’ looks like little green tomatoes.

I looked it up on the internet and it seems that this does happen, just not very often. We planted Yukon gold potatoes and it said that it happens with them more frequently than the other varieties of potatoes. They are not harmful to the plant, but they are poisonous to humans.

Well, I guess you are never too old to learn. This is my first time at seeing these cute little potato fruits. It really surprised me.

I came across another surprise in the garden when I looked down and saw this jutting out of the damp ground. Most people would not even notice it as anything unusual. But, the color of it told me to investigate a little further.

A beautiful arrowhead, right next to the cucumber plants. I'll just have to add this one to my collection.

After a rain is one of the best times to look for artifacts in your garden. They get washed off and washed up out of the dirt. Flint is very hard and smooth to the touch and can easily be distinguished from rock or coal.

Wednesday - June 29th - I just found another arrowhead in my garden. It seems to be a good year for cultivating flint!

Have you found any surprises in your garden?


  1. Wow, I never knew that about the potato plants either. Great find with the arrowhead. Do you come across those often? I'm curious how valuable they are.

  2. I left a good long comment and had a web acceleration error!

  3. Janet, what a great find. My son found an old 1800s coin once. We were told to put it inside a raw potato to dissolve the corrosion. My mother came over and tossed the 'rotten' potato.

  4. We've had Kennebec’s fruit occasionally. I don't know if they ever produce seed or not. I've never heard of it. Nice find with the arrowhead!

  5. I'm growing Jet Star tomatoes, and have lots of green, but they have a ways to go yet. I almost tried the Yukon Gold potatoes this year because we do love them, but ended up not adding them to the garden. I'm curious as to how they do for you, are they easy to tend?

  6. Enjoyed the post. Learned several new things.
    Wow, an arrow head. You must live on some great property.
    I'm afraid even with your definition, I still would not recognize them, except the color looks pretty amazing.
    Thanks for sharing. B
    R would love a garden of any kind. Even a tomato plant or something. We tried a few last year and got nothing. He just can't do it this year. Not able.
    Blessings to you and yours.

  7. Janet -- I guess I'm not too old either as I didn't realize that about Yukon gold potatoes. Your find of the bluish flint arrowhead is beautiful. Your garden provides all kinds of artifacts some poisonous, some ancient. -- barbara

  8. About the only unusual thing I've found in the garden are volunteers. I'm not sure what kind of squash they are, so that'll be a surprise when they start producing.

  9. I didn't even try to plant a garden this year. The gully washers seem to be part of the daily routine. Thanks for sharing the pictures of those potato/tomatoes and that arrowhead. I am sooooo jealous. I've always wanted to find one.

  10. Great post Janet. How cool finding an arrow head in your garden.

  11. I've never seen those on potatoes, either! Very interesting. We've already harvested our Yukon Gold and they didn't have any.

  12. Wow. I've never seen potato fruit and I've never found an arrowhead. I'm jealous.

  13. Never heard of the potatoe fruit before! Love the arrowhead-that's a good one.

  14. Nice find, Janet! Looks like Kanawha flint?

    I have seen potatoes do that before; it sure looks weird. We're having a time with the potato bugs this year. Larry dug some potatoes today and would you believe the bugs are in the ground, EATING the potatoes?! I've never seen this happen before, have you? We're going to have to just dig them right now, and then figure out how to keep them from sprouting. I've grown potatoes for almost 40 years and never saw anything like these bugs.

  15. Thanks everyone for your comments. Joanne, Yukon Gold potatoes seem to be very easy to grow. Rena, I don't think the arrowheads are very valuable, maybe some of them are, but I wouldn't know which ones were. Susanna, last year our potatoes were ate down by the potato bugs, too. I find that you really have to spray them in the beginning when the bugs start to appear.


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