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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Labor of Love

We decided to put up our Nativity this year. 

The wooden pieces for the manger, Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus,
a cow, a donkey, a camel and a shepherd and three sheep came out of our building.

It was a cold blustery day. 
Charley scratched his head while he tried to remember how it went together.

After a few false starts, we finally figured it out.

We brought down the figurines from the rafters of our building. We will remember this year to put them in trash bags before they go up in the rafters again. There was quite an accumulation of dirt and saw dust on them.

But, everything came out in the wash. Charley did most of the work. He washed all of them. Even though he is in short sleeves, it was very cold outside. He said he didn't want to get the sleeves of his coat wet.

Baby Jesus' cradle had broken, so my son made a new and sturdier one. The one that came with the figures was a flimsy plastic one. Andrew made this one out of some cedar he had in the building (another name for his workshop).

Our neighbor gave us some hay. We finished putting it together just before the rains came. I think it looks real nice. We hadn't put it up in quite a few years. We bought Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in 1991. In 1992 we bought the donkey and cow. In 1993 we got a lamb. In 1994 we bought the shepherd and two sheep and a camel. So you see, we have accumulated our Nativity piece by piece over the years. I guess we now need to get the wise men. I haven't seen these in the stores lately, though, I don't know if they still sell them or not.

The rains turned to a dusting of snow.


  1. It is simple and simply lovely!!

    You know, the wise men not being there is OK. Many scholars believe that they didn't come to the manger, but came nearly two years later when the little family were in a house. (It uses the phrase "house" in the narrative of the wise men AND Herod ordered all the babies up to 2 to be killed.)

    So - - - you just have a very technically correct nativity!

    When we were kids, my mom used to put the nativity on one end of the top of our upright piano with the wise men at the opposite end, still "coming."

  2. How lovely Janet and the light dusting of snow was the perfect touch. Hope you're having a great week. Hugs from Mamabug!

  3. Janet -- a lovely family post of a coming together to produce and continue a Christmas tradition. Beautiful -- barbara

  4. Makes me wish I had one-of course where I live no one would see it but us : )

  5. What a pretty display. The dusting of snow is the perfect finishing touch!

  6. Janet, so pretty. I love your manger scene and your son did a great job on the manger for baby Jesus. It looks so natural. I saw a beautiful nativity at Hobby Lobby but I thought I better save the money. I’ve always wanted one though. I’ve tried to talk my husband into doing a live nativity here. We could do it in the bear cage and we have donkeys, sheep and I’m sure there was a chicken or duck there too :)

  7. Beautiful, & the True Meaning of Christmas. Thanks for sharing

  8. I like your Nativity. It looks very real. You and your husband did a nice job.


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