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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Took a Walk

It's been raining again this week. So you're thinking, what else is new? Right?

Well, we've had new carpet put in our bedroom, so we've been moving big, heavy furniture and painting for the last three days.

So, I thought I'd take a walk in the yard to see what's been growing besides the grass while I've been inside working.

Here are these pretty yellow flowers, whose name escapes me at the moment, that grow in front of my front porch. They have just started to bloom.

And, our apple trees have little apples. . .

On the way to the garden are the grapes and blackberries. Here I have berries that have grown beside of the grape vines.

Here is the path between the blackberry plants. I was down there this morning on my hands and knees pulling weeds. You can see them piled up in the middle of the row. I hate pulling weeds!

A few weeks ago I put grass clippings around one row of the berries, hoping it would slow weed growth. It did help some, but as you can see, poison ivy is very hardy and grew back.

The bees were enjoying the flowers on the blackberry plants. If I had a dime for every bee down there I could take you all out to lunch!

I caught a butterfly enjoying herself, also.

My spirea are beautiful right now,

. . . and so are my daisies. Did you ever do He loves me, He loves me not with daisy petals when you were a child?

There is a mommy bird that chirps, chirps, chirps at me when I'm down there. She has a nest full of babies and she's telling me I'd better not dare get near them. Here she is up my old pine tree. Do you know what kind of bird this is? You might have to click on her to get a better look. She's little and has a black head. Maybe a chickadee?

When I reached the garden I found that since our second try at potatoes weren't up yet, the potato bugs decided to lay their eggs on our tomato plants. This is what they looked like before I smashed them. I hate potato bugs!

Last, but not least, I continue to look for arrowheads each time I visit the garden. I didn't find any, but I did find some pieces of flint. No doubt scraps from making arrowheads around the campfire at night.

Hope you enjoyed our little stroll through my yard.


  1. So many beautiful flowers and growing plants. Loved your walk.

  2. Really pretty photos. I can tell you for sure that the bird is not a chickadee. I don't know what it is. I haven't seen any like that. I will look in my bird guide.

  3. Janet,

    I'm not sure what the little bird is, but she's not a chickadee. She is very pretty though.

    Your blackberries look wonderful. It's been a long time since I picked blackberries. They are delicious.

    Enjoyed hearing all about your farm life. Hope you enjoy a relaxing Sunday.


  4. Poison Ivy is very hard to get rid of. My landlord has been trying for years to get rid of the stuff growing in the courtyard. I'm very allergic to it and just being near it gives me a rash. I love your garden and hope it grows abundantly for you. Who wouldn't love to have fresh fruit and berries from their own garden? Thanks for taking us on the walk. xxoo

  5. Sounds like you have a lot going on in your yard/garden. Love the daisies, they're my favorite.
    We have a whole field of blackberries. They are wild and untamed. I'd like to dig some up and place them along our fenceline.
    I love to take walks with my camera. I find so many interesting things when I do.

  6. Loved the walk-and seeing into your yard : )

  7. What a nice post, Janet. The yellow flowers are coreopsis, aren't they? And the bird is a house sparrow, or maybe a song sparrow--I'd have to look at my book to be sure.

    I envy you the apples. I am not sure we'll have any this year--I think one of those April frosts got ours. We had a bounty of them last year, though so I can't complain.

    The blackberry patch looks awesome!

  8. What a wonderful stroll Janet!
    You have some lovely blooms.

  9. I remember we used to do the little "she loves me, she loves me not" with Daisies. We also, at the same time, picked another daisy and starting with A, went through the alphabet, and when you ran out of petal, that was the letter the persons name started with that you were going to marry. I don't know if there is anything to it, but I do specifically remember that more often than not, mine would seem to always stop on the letter "S", and I married a Shirley. hmmmmmmm, makes you think!!

    At the time though, I wondered who in the world would I marry since in my little world then, I only knew two girls whose names started with S!

    Pretty soon it won't be long before you are writing in the blackberry patch again.


  10. What pretty blooms! Your blackberry plants look well on their way:)


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