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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

As you can see by the thermometer, it's cold outside (brrrrrr) this morning!
Schools are on a 2 hour delay.

Of course, I know in lots of places this morning it's colder than this. But zero is cold enough for me, thank you.

The cars even look cold.
Remind me to clean out our big 2 car garage so that we can actually use it to park the cars in!

The trees look cold

And you have to feel sorry for the birds in frigid weather

This picture of the birds was taken a few days ago. The birds can teach us all a lesson. Look how the different birds all get along so well when the going gets tough. We've got the blue jays, the cardinals and the other little bird all sharing the food. Yesterday, I counted over 10 blue jays together on the porch, deck and feeder at the same time. They are so pretty!

I remember a few years back when the children were in grade school and the temperature got down to around -20 and -25 and stayed there for 3 or 4 days. Talk about cold! For here in Jackson County, WV that's cold! You couldn't stand to go outside. Our car wouldn't hardly start, and when it did finally start, it sounded awful. Do any of your remember when it got this cold?

David was born in December and when he was little, we put his bassinet in the living room. In our house there is no foyer, you just walk right into the living room. We didn't want the cold coming in on him, so when people came in and out of the house we made them use the back door to keep the cold out.

I am so tired of the cold and snow and ice!

If you are also tired of the cold and snow and ice, vent a little (but keep it nice, please) and let me know!

If you live in the sunbelt, but used to live in the brrrrr! belt, and would like to see a little cold and snow and ice, vent a little (but keep it nice) and let me know! If I could, I would box up some of this cold and mail it to you.

Here's to hot chocolate and mittens! and spring! and the hot sweltering summer!


  1. I remember that cold snap. Only one vehicle in our neighborhood would start and it was a company vehicle. They weren't allowed to use it for personal business.
    I lived in a house that only had a woodstove for heat. We were miserable. I do not miss it at all.

  2. Yes, Jan, I'm tired of the cold and snow. I also don't like the hot summers....but I'm getting cabin fever. I like to be able to get outside. I don't remember that cold spell. There isn't a whole lot I remember from the past. I lost that capability a long time ago. Maybe my brain is clogged up with fat cells like the rest of my body and keeps my memory blocked. Oh well, we just have to hang in there....spring will be here soon....I love the spring and the can have summer and winter.

    I bet you're looking forward to this weekend when Charley and Jennifer will be back from their honeymoon. The forecast looks good for the weekend.

    Love you, Sis.

  3. Yea, it has been pretty bad but I don't get out much anyway, so its not too hard on me.
    Some of these girls on the blogs have been talking about going to Goodwill kind of making me want to go, eventhough I usually don't find anything.

  4. I vented on my blog this week but not about the cold but about the lack of snow in a place where you would expect a little.
    Roberta Anne

  5. here in ETX its warm, then cold, then warm, then cold. We whine during the cold spells, and gloat during the sunny days (like today when the sun came out at noon making it 60 outside:),

    Your place does look cold. Too cold for me:)

  6. We are so cold here in Kentucky. The ice has melted in our county, but it is still quite frigid. I would LOVE a hot, sweltering, summer day right now.

  7. I hope it warms up soon for you all. It was almost 60 here today. We usually have a very nice Feb and then March is just heart breaking. I do have spring fever, I am at home this year and I have allowed myself to catch it and throughly enjoy having it. I can't wait to plant flowers and work the gardens.

  8. I'm tired of the cold, too, Janet~and we haven't had zero! Hopefully, we won't. That's very rare for our area, but we have seen 8 degrees.

    I'm ready for spring!

  9. I'm longing for spring too-but I would like one big snow before it gets here!

  10. Hey, I agree! I'm so tired of the cold, snow & ice. Let's box it all up & send it to parts of the country where it's warm all the time. I was talking to a woman in one of my writing groups. She lives in NC. Anyway, she said she could still go barefoot! I truly envied her right then.
    Deb :-)

  11. Up here in NYS we are definitely tired of old man winter. we are enjoying a nice 42 degrees day. the ice and snow are melting and the sun is out! glory to God! nice blog you have here...found it via someone named Rhea.

  12. Brrrr...I hope you are staying warm and cozy inside.
    P.s Thank you for the birthday wishes!

  13. Janet:
    I nominated you for an Award. Please stop by and get the details. I really love your blog!
    from Roberta Anne


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