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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Yard Sale Treasures

The yard sale season may be winding down, but not this weekend. There was almost a whole page of yard sale ads in our local newspaper this week.

I love them and my husband and I went to a number of the closer ones.

I got fall flowers and decorations and Halloween stuff (many of the Halloween items were given to me at one yard sale we went to), and I got 4 wooden birdhouse napkin holders for only 25 cents. I made these into Christmas ornaments. I might show you those in another posting.

Below are a few of my favorite finds.

Here is a picture that I just love. It is an old litho titled Cardinal and Wild Cherry. I think it is so pretty.

And I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I just couldn't resist buying this old quilted pig for $1. Anybody have any ideas?

And I got this goose with 7 outfits. It was still in the UPS packing box, sealed and never opened, where the person had ordered it off of the internet. I paid $3 for her, I just love it. There is a pond close to our house and the geese fly over all the time and walk around in the field in front of our house. Now my goose can sit on the porch and watch the real ones fly over.

Here is a beautiful vintage tablecloth to add to my collection, I never pay more then $1 for my tablecloths. I think this one is especially pretty.

and a wooden tray with a mirror in the bottom with a coke ad painted on it. I know it's not real old, but it caught my husband's eye.

And here is a pretty pink footed dish. I don't know if it's depression glass or not, but I like it.

Anybody else find any goodies at yard sales this weekend?


  1. Looks like you got some great Garage sale deals. Post an image of the Christmas ornaments you made. I like to use a free online garage or yard sale. You'll find lots of treasures there. I'm in AZ but I'll be in Virgina later this week, hope I get a chance to see some sales!!

    Good Luck

  2. I went to the auction at Rockpport and loaded up this week. 20 tin trays painted with flowers for $1, a box full of bone china English teacups for $8, a box of 100% cotton sheets from Penney's (I love old sheets, never buy new ones because the quality isn't the same), Depression glass tumblers, and a LOT more--a pick-up full, to tell the truth.

    Saturday I went to a yard sale and found 6 linen napkins for .25 (we use cloth napkins here rather than paper), a wool, embroidered dresser scarf for 1.00 (very unusual), a vintage kitchen teacloth embroidered with a chef for 1.00, and a pair of pink eyelet-edged pillowcases for .50. The chef teacloth is for a friend who decorates her kitchen with the chef motif. The rest? All mine!

  3. You got a couple of goodies I would have bought.

    I think it's add the things you will find that at yard sales that people never even opened.

  4. I love love yardsales! And it looks like you totally scored.


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