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Monday, March 9, 2009

Stroll Through The Yard

It's a beautiful day!

They are installing the carpet in our second bedroom. The house is a mess! Again! So I thought I'd get out and have a walk. It's a little claustrophobic inside. It's amazing how much stuff accumulates inside one small bedroom. The contents of that bedroom are now strewn about in every room of our house. You have to suck in your tummy to walk in our bedroom. The hallway is full and boxes of stuff are piled in the living room.

They need to have meetings called clutter-pack rats-anonymous for us people who tend to keep everything and don't want to throw anything away. Help!

But, thank goodness, it doesn't take much to bring a smile to a country girl.
Here are some of the things I observed while on my walk in the brisk spring air.

A flint chip I found while walking through our garden.
Most people wouldn't notice this, but I'm always
on the lookout for arrowheads and flint.

My poppies have arrived!

I love sycamore trees!
Most people aren't fond of them and when I planted this one
I got a few strange looks. But ours is beautiful! Even when it is bare.
It is the most perfectly shaped sycamore I have ever seen.

It's huge and it's branches soar upward to the clear blue sky.

A perfect climbing tree.

I love the beautiful mottled bark.
The tree grows so fast that the rigid bark
can't stretch to accommodate the growth of the wood underneath.

Do you have a favorite tree on your property?


  1. I don't have any favorite trees but I love poppies.

  2. Depends on which part of my property you're talking about. At my house, I love my hickory. In the back there are several large majestic trees that I claim. But the drought we have been in has caused some rather large trees to fall. Breaking my heart!

  3. We have 2 sycamore trees in our front yard and I have to say I'm not in love with them, they grow fast and DH planted them too close to the front porch, now the roots are destorying my front porch. We are going to have to cut the roots out again this year. I want to just cut the trees but DH says no, they shade the front of the house in the summer and believe me here in Cental MS we need all the shade we can get.

  4. We live in a very wooded and secluded part of town. I also love a sycamore even though they tend to cause a lot of people to choke and cough. I love the dogwoods. I love the bark and how they look so old as if they are not going to do anything and bamm--beautiful blooms everywhere. I also love the cedar trees. They smell wonderful and are always green. I have looked and my iris, day lilies, phlox, and primrose are all coming up. I love spring!

  5. I adore the maple trees the city put in front of our building years ago. We lost one though when we had heavy rains. I showed the toppled tree on my blog a while back. I love sycamores too and the shade makes them worth having big time! xxoo

  6. I enjoyed your walk! I like Sycamores too-but my favorite tree is a Black Walnut. I just love how they look in the winter without their leaves-and I adore eating the nuts!

    If you start a pack rat club-I'll be sending Granny : )

  7. I love my catalpa trees - they are so pretty in the spring!
    I think your sycamore tree is lovely.

  8. My son would love to climb that tree!

  9. Enjoyed your pictures. I grew up with a big tree like that one in my back yard. I could climg way up high with all those braches so close together. I once climbed so high and I yelled and yelled for my dad to come and look and he about had a heart attack when he looked up and saw me so high. He made me get down, but he had to go into the house while I did, he couldnt't watch. I was a tomboy to say the least. Thanks for the memories.

  10. Nice walk, Janet. How cool to find the flint.

    Sycamores are one of my favorites too, although if I have to pick a favorite...I don't think I can do it. Too many to choose from--oak, ash, redbud, dogwood, apple...

  11. I adored taking this walk with you! What lovely things you saw and shared! I also am a huge pack-rat! :-) I am very fond of so many different kinds of trees too, it would be hard for me to pick a favorite.


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