Pieces In Time -- The Quilt

Quilts are pieces in time.

My grandma quilted long ago. I was told she sold them for $5.
Grandma pieced for warmth, today many people piece for beauty.

Remnants of an old quilt pieced by Grandma.

Old quilts sometimes don't age too well. Portions can be salvaged and made into throws...

or teddy bears!

I made this teddy bear from a quilt I received from my aunt when I got married. I used it for a long time on the kid's beds. Mom and I repaired many of the blocks down through the years. The material used in the quilt was old and beginning to tear. I put it away for safe keeping. When I retrieved it from the linen closet one day, I was sad to discover the material was beyond repair in most of the quilt. I salvaged what I could and made a teddy bear to display and remember my aunt by. Now every time I look at it, I think of my Aunt Goldie.

An old cheater quilt covers a trunk at my house.

Open the trunk and look inside.

An old quilt top I got at a yard sale. I believe the pattern is called Drunkard's Path.
I hope to some day make a quilt with it.

An old quilt from my childhood.

Another old quilt.
It looks like one that my grandmother may have made.

Another old yard sale quilt. I love yellow.
It looks like part of the backing was made from an old bedspread.
People made do with what they had.

I still make do with what I have. I make blue jean quilts for my children.

The handprints on this comforter I made holds memories of when my children were little.

Baby quilts made with love by friends and family.
My boys are no longer babies, but these quilts are pieces in time
which bring back memories of when they were little.
The yellow one on the bottom was made by my mother.

Tiny quilts I made for dolls.
Now, all I need is a little granddaughter to give them to.

And my children can look at these some day and say,
"Mom was going through a pink phase when she made these throws."

Yes, quilts are pieces in time. Made with love down through the ages.
Made with scraps, made with feed sacks, made with whatever they had on hand.

Do you have any pieces in time?


  1. I've never had a handmade quilt, always one purchased and factory made. I love the old ones the most and hope to find one that will become my treasure some day. Yours are just lovely and lots of memories to go with them. Thanks for sharing with us. xxoo

  2. My Mom always said, you could see a person's soul in the quilts they made. Because they were made with love and care.
    These are all so beautiful. I just love hand made quilts.

  3. Lovely, Janet. I have many old quilts from auctions.My grandmother made quilts too, but none survived us 13 children that I know of. Hers were tied quilts, with blankets in the center for batting. They were very warm, made for function rather than art. We certinaly got our use from them.

  4. One of my most treasured possessions are two quilts given to me by my great grandmother. When she gave them she insisted that I use them, and I was a little boy at the time, so I took a toll on them. But they are still surviving, albeit they've seen better days. I had my mother-in-law patch it up in the worst places, and it may last a while longer.

    My great-grandmaw made all of her quilts out of scraps of old clothes. Grandmaw usually tied her quilts so you could take them apart to wash them, I have one that is tied and the other is stitched.

    I love the concept of quilts, but I don't know how people can have the patience to make them.

  5. Nice collection of quilts, Jan. A lot of good, old memories for you.

  6. Janet,

    Quilts are one of my favorite things. Mom made a quilt for my niece that included pieces from all the dresses she had made her when she was little. It is a real treasure to her.

    Grandma quilted as Mom does and I have helped Mom hand quilt many times after we stretched them onto the frames. I can no longer quilt, because of a physical disability.

    Love the photos of all your quilts. Treasure them, my friend.

  7. Janet-loved all the quilts (and bear) you shared! I don't have many old old quilts but I treasure each of the ones I do have. I have many many made by my mom and even though I'm running out of room-I never turn one down when she offers. I've never found one at a yard sale- but I always look!

  8. I love your quilts, Janet. I have some that my mother made and I treasure them.

  9. What wonderful treasures you have! blessings, marlene

  10. I love quilts! No matter what the pattern, I'm amazed at the art work involved! My grandmother was a master quilter-perfect little stitches, first for warmth, then for beauty, now my mom does some. I love seeing familiar fabrics. Thank you for sharing your beauty:)

  11. We share a common love of quilts and their history and you've got some real treasures handed down to you. I find it hard to resist buying vintage quilts no matter how scrappy and time worn they are. I bet your quilts bring back many happy childhood memories of your grandmother. A lovely post and thank you :)


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