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Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Charley

I have three sons, each one unique in his own way.

Charley is my oldest son. Your first child is special.
Just as they learn to take their first steps and to talk, you are also learning to be a parent for the first time. He was our whiz kid. It was normal for him to read, write, spell and have medical conversations with his pediatrician before he was five years old. He wore glasses at the tender age of three. He would fall asleep at night with a book in his hands. He loves computers, science and anything new that challenges him.

How fast time passes by.

From his first smile and wave
he stole our hearts.

He became a big brother less than 2 years later when he welcomed home
his little brother Andrew.

His first day of Kindergarten.

Later he became a big brother again when our youngest son Davy was born.
He was growing up before our very eyes.

From kindergarten to college graduation.
They grow up too fast.

He's married now, but he's still my baby.

Happy Birthday, Charley!


  1. From Oklahoma comes a big "Happy Birthday, Charlie!

  2. Happy Birthday Charlie, my oldest is Charles (Chuck). Enjoyed watching him grow in pictures.

  3. Aung Shirley hopes Charley had a happy birthday. I remember making his birthday cakes when he was little. He was the first boy in our family and I visited with him a lot . . . until my first grandbaby was born . . . a boy too. Yes, Sis, he has grown up fast . . . all of them have. I'm hoping he and Jennifer have a little one soon . . . they've got to make you a ma ma too!

  4. Happy Birthday Charley! You've grown into a fine young man. Congratulations and many more! xxoo

  5. Well happy birthday.
    My birthday was March 6.
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    For the BIG award!!
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  6. I hope his Birthday was a happy one! I think he has a pretty special Momma!

  7. Love the pictures, and you sure gotta love a baby.
    Nancy Jo


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