Saturday, December 10, 2022

Pretty Gumdrop Ornaments



I've got a table at a small craft show this weekend. I've been making, among other things, ornaments to sell.

Here are steps to making pretty gumdrop ornaments.
Supplies needed: paint (color or your choice), glue, 22 gauge craft wire, egg shape Styrofoam, glitter, paint brushes, toothpicks, serrated knife, small wire cutters
Cutting the Styrofoam with serrated knife.
Cut a short piece of wire, bend in half and twist the bottom ends around each other. Dip in glue and push into rounded top of Styrofoam. This will be the hanger.
Paint bottom of gumdrop and sprinkle with glitter while paint is still wet.
Insert toothpick into bottom of gumdrop and paint the top.
Stick gumdrops into something to dry (I used another piece of Styrofoam) and sprinkle top of gumdrops with glitter (again, while the paint is still wet).
Here are the finished gumdrop ornaments. They look good enough to eat.....but don't!
I also made little gumdrops with the small cut off ends of the Styrofoam. These would be cute hanging on a small kitchen tree. I like the orange best, what's your favorite?