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Friday, March 27, 2009

Cleaning out the Iris Bed

Today, I cleaned out the Iris bed.

It was a mess!

A big mess!

I pulled out all the leaves and stuff and stood back and looked.

It looks a lot better. A little too crowded, but a lot better.

I have some babies now to transplant.

And a mess to clean up. Any volunteers?

I guess I need to get the rake and transport this mess to the burn pile.

And here is a picture of our first yellow flowers.

Aren't they pretty? Seems we never have any trouble growing the dandelions! But I do think they are pretty in their own way. I miss the small hands holding up a fist full of dandelions and violets for me to put in a little glass of water, and the pretty little smile on their faces.

Oh, the simple joys that children give their mothers.

Our house and yard are not like what you see in the pages of Better Homes and Gardens. But, I am happy with what I have. I am happy for our flowers and for the roof over our head. I am even happy for the yellow dandelions now flourishing in our yard, for they are a sign of renewed life and spring after a long hard winter.

Happy Spring! Enjoy the little blessings God has given us.


  1. Looks like you accomplished something today, Jan. Feels good when we do something like that, and I'm sure the flowers feel better now too. I've had yellow flowers for quite some time now . . . daffodils galore . . . just everywhere.

  2. I'm so jealoous. My iris bed needs tending to. The rain won't let up and it's gonna get worse today.
    Believe it or not, we had dandelions all winter. Not many, but not that the spring has sprung, they are everywhere. And seems they multiply when we mow. But I like them too, so I'm not complaining.

  3. When my 6 year old son brings me a dandelion I have to wear it in my hair above my ear. It transforms me to the prettiest mom on the soccer field.

    No dandelions here yet. The snow is finally gone here and the grass is starting to change from it crumpled brown to a sad shade of green. It will brighten, I know. My irises are not even thinking of growing yet.

  4. You know I really like the yellow flowers. I wonder who decided they were weeds? Who picked the flowers to be flowers and who picked the weeds to be weeds - God made them all so I guess it's all in your point of view. :) blessings, marlene

  5. Janet-you've got it looking good!! I too miss those sweet chubby hands full of dandelions.

  6. It's nice to "see" Spring coming, isn't it?

    Great job getting lots of yard work done.


  7. I have been so tempted to begin to clean out all of the beds here at the mission, but I will wait a little longer. You never know about the weather here in KY. I love it when all the flowers begin to show signs of life. I love gardening. It is one of my greatest joys and stress reliefs.

  8. It looks great. I'll be doing the same thing in April. Here in southern Ontario our weather isn't warm enough yet to start gardening but I already have the itch.

  9. My Iris beds need tending as well. It looks like you did a fabulous job!

  10. Oh, you will have so many pretty flowers. I love the dandelions. We don't see them here in AZ, but it reminds me of home.

  11. Hi Janet,
    Thanks for visiting me...
    still too cold here to dig in the garden or even clean it out. We need warm, dry weather...
    I hope your Dove will have her 2 (eggs)babies hatch.

  12. Isn't it amazing that you WANT the cover in the winter, it looks so cozy, and it looks so clean when your remove the cover in the spring! They all look so happy and healthy, may they really reward you with many beautiful blooms:)


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